Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013: The Year In Review

This was a wonderful year for me. I published an expanded print edition of “The Power of Weakness”with a foreword by Ross Rohde. I was also interviewed about the book at The Otter Limits, and by Anthony Mathenia's blog.
In 2013 I launched the Subversive Radio Podcast covering a variety of topics; from Hell and Women in Ministry (both co-hosted with Jon Zens) to House Church Leadership (a series), and following Jesus into non-violence.
This was also the year I joined the House2House Ministries board and started co-hosting H2H Podcasts with Ken Eastburn and became the managing editor of the brand new online version of House2House Magazine.
It was also great to interview my friend Herb Montgomery and to join the board of Renewed Heart Ministries, and also to meet Salim Muyaner (from Musalaha reconciliation ministry) and to interview him as well.
It was also great to re-launch the Pacifist Fight Club with my friend and co-fighter/founder, Chase Andre. We were able to post great articles and links and videos on a daily basis and we also added several new "fighters" to the PFC as well.
On the blog, I wrote a series of articles on various themes, including:
*[blank] Is A Person Series
*The Unbelievable Truth Series
*How To Make Disciples (Part 1 and 2)
*The “Home” Series
The Top 10 Articles on my blog for 2013 were:


In the new year I hope to finish writing my next book on New Covenant theology, and to publish three new e-books over at Subversive Interviews Vol.2; House Church Dynamics; and Raging Against Your Own Machine.

I also hope to host another live Pacifist Fight Club event with my co-conspirators, Chase Andre and Thomas Crisp, and our other fighters.

If possible, I'd love to continue the Subversive Radio podcast series, and continue to co-host the H2H Podcast with Ken Eastburn.

Of course, who knows what the Lord has in store? I'm sure there will be surprises and challenges and doors will open and close in 2014.

I'm looking forward to what's next.

Are you?


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