Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Supreme Decision

On Wednesday, June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court of the United States made two landmark decisions regarding the definition of marriage in California, and potentially the entire nation.

Since I put no hope in politics or politicians, these things don't surprise or upset me so much. But clearly it really does upset a whole lot of other Christians.

Let me ask you something. If Prop 8 wasn't overturned, what would that have done to bring people nearer to Christ? Nothing at all. Would it have changed anyone's heart concerning sexual behaviors? Nope.

So, whether the law is changed or not changed, the truth remains that people's hearts are still far from God. What can we do about that?

Well, we could start obeying Jesus. We could go out into all the world (not just this nation) and start to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to everyone. We could begin to teach people to obey everything that Jesus commanded. We could participate and collaborate with the Holy Spirit as He transforms people into the image of Christ. That's our job and our mission as Christians.

How should we treat homosexuals? We should love them. How should we respond to gays and lesbians? We should invite them to follow Jesus. Let the politicians do what politicians do. Let the Body of Christ do what She is called - and commanded - to do. If we're successful it won't matter if they pass laws that allow people to have sex with parakeets. Because people who are following Jesus won't want to, regardless of what the law allows.

Also: For those of you who are fearful that America is falling away from previously held Biblical values, please remember that our faith was born under cruel, anti-Christian Roman Emperors who tortured and killed the followers of Jesus for sport. If America ever gets that bad (and I doubt that it ever will) we'll still be ok as long as we continue to follow Jesus and obey Him.

Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus and continue to seek first the Kingdom of God. We are not called to become entangled in the affairs of this world. We are called to love people as Jesus loves them and to demonstrate the transformative power of the Gospel of Jesus to the world around us.



Unknown said...

Thank you for a Jesus-based response to the decision, and not a fear-based one. Amen and Amen!!!
Kristina, Blogger

Randi Jo :) said...

Thank you for this encouragement & truth.

It's days like this that I seriously am so thankful I'm not on Facebook. For real - all the conversations and back and forthing it that goes on that would never happen in person.

In person, we remember that we are talking to a person. A person with reasoning that gets them to their opinions & experience & a heart.

Seriously, the way that we can "communicate" with each other from a distance has got to be one of the most harmful things to our relationships, community, reputations, stereotypes. We don't realize who is reading what we write and on the flip side, we don't realize what is going on in the heart of the person writing. We misunderstand, we assume, judge. Communication from afar is so so so dangerous! So easy to hate from a distance. So hard to hate up close. Which is a huge reason I got off FBook. I realized that I needed to discuss all these things that people process through... in person... and only in person.

Just like I stepped away from the Sunday scene with a 'leader' trying to shepherd people from a distance - like 100s of people - but never really knowing them.... same thing. A one sided conversation full of advice & opinion without knowing who you are speaking to is just so not healthy.

Erin said...

I think my problem is that I AM on Facebook! :P It's really distressing to hear all the negativity from both camps. This article adequately outlines our necessary response and cuts through all the bickering so well. I'm sharing it with friends! :)

Randi Jo :) said...

after 7 months I'm back on FBook. wish me luck! :)

Andi said...

Very true in some aspects. However, you may want to read Revelation and study it, especially chapters 17 and 18 that deal with the Prostitute. Those that are away from God are trading temporary for eternal, feelings for facts, and self is more important.

Anonymous said...

Keith, I just think you're uninformed if you don't think America could "ever get as bad" as other times in history, particularly when it comes to the homosexual agenda in America. While agree with you that we should be focused on being salt and light, I think we should be impacting our culture for Christ as well. Unfortunately, it's already difficult for those who do speak up. See

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! I read your blog and I find myself saying "yes" out loud--thank you!

Keith Giles said...

The American Empire will collapse before it gets as bad as ancient Rome. At least, that's my opinion.