Wednesday, April 06, 2005


My article, "JESUS IS A VERB" (see below) was posted online at RELEVANT MAGAZINE the other day.

I received numerous responses, mostly postive, one negative, but the most interesting response was a posting of a song by a Guatamalan songwriter called "Jesus Is A Verb".

Check it out:

by on Apr 05, 2005 - 07:56 PM
Ricardo Arjona, a musician from Guatemala, wrote a song about Jesus is a Verb. I translated it so you could all appreciate it. This song caused an uproar amongst those in the Catholic church when it came out. I think it speaks a lot of truth, while showing a cynics point of view at the same time.

Yesterdary, Jesus tuned my guitar and sharpened my senses. He inspired me.
With paper and pen in hand I write down the song that I had not written
Because to talk and write about Jesus is redundant. It is better to act.
But then something told me that the only way to not be redundant is to tell the truth.
To say that Jesus likes for us to act and not just talk.
To say that Jesus is more than just five letters formed into a name.
To say that Jesus is a verb and not a noun.
Brother, what are you doing reading the Bible all day?
What is written there is summed up in love. Let’s go and practice it.
Brothers, Jesus is a verb, not a noun.
Jesus is more than just a luxurious barroque styled temple
He knows that in the end it’s just a piece of rock.
The church is carried in the soul and in actions. Don’t you forget.
That Jesus, my brothers, is a verb. Not a noun.
Jesus is more than a group of ladies with a very heavy conscience.
That pretend to win their way to heaven through social graces.
If you want to be a member, you’ll have to show the board.
Your Swiss bank account and official ties.
Jesus is more than publicly kneeling and blessing.
He knows that maybe inside, their conscience is burning.
Jesus is more than a flower on the sin saving altar
Jesus, my brothers, is a verb. Not a noun.
The Mormons say it’s a sin to drink coffee.
They have so little to do, they go around making things up.
Jesus, my brothers, is a verb. Not a noun.
Jesus doesn’t understand why they applaud him in the cults.
They speak about honesty knowing that the tithe is a fraud.
Jesus is disgusted by the pastor that gets rich on other’s faith.
Jesus, my brothers, is a verb. Not a noun.
Miss Carlotta was the most religious lady in my neighborhood.
She spoke of loving thy neighbor and popped a hundred of my balls.
I learned since I was a child that religion is nothing more than a method.
You cannot think for yourself, because it has all been established.
They baptized me when I was two months old and didn’t tell me.
There was a piƱata party and they didn’t even ask me.
Please, Jesus. Between friends, baptize me.
I know you hate protocol, my brother.
People, don’t divide the faith. Borders are for countries.
There are more religions in this world than happy children.
Jesus thought, “I will make myself invisible so that all my brothers
Will stop talking so much about me and start holding hands”
Jesus, you are the best witness of the love that I profess for you.
I have a clean conscience, that’s why I don’t go to confession.
A murderer can’t revive his victim by praying the Lord’s Prayer twice.
Jesus, my brothers, is a verb. Not a noun.
Jesus, don’t come down here to Earth. Stay up there.
All of those that have thought like you are all dead.
Forgotten in some cementary, with their ideals as their luggage.
They died with a smile on their lips because they were
A verb and not a noun.