Monday, October 03, 2016

5 MINUTE VIDEO: What About Hell? [Part 1]

What does the New Testament actually teach about Hell? You might be surprised to find out that the view that most Christians hold today [eternal suffering] wasn't always the majority view in the early church.

Take 5 minutes and listen as Keith talks about what those 3 different views were and which view was the one most Christians in the first few hundreds years of the faith actually held.


Vaughn Bender said...

Interesting, looking forward to what you have to say on each of the 3 views.


Susan Frey said...

Thank you sooooo much for talking about this. I would really like to understand the full truth, whatever it may be, about Hell.

Maiar said...

Thanks! I learned something. I love hearing the historical perspective on controversial doctrines. You are very brave to take on this topic, brother!

angelgirl62 said...

I don't believe in any of those but I do believe in the last one --more than any but Swedenborg has the best explanation of hell---he was there--God sends no one to hell--we gravitate there cause it is our ruling love, if you love evil, you love adultry etc and are not willing to learn to be good and loving then you will naturally gravitate away from heavenly minded spirits cause birds of a feather flock together. An example: would i want to hang with Harley Davison mortorcycle gang? Probably not --I have nothing in common with them and some of their lifestyles would repulse me ---I would gravitate naturally toward people I have something in common with and who love the Lord and love all people. Same thing there.