Friday, July 22, 2016


For most Christians the idea of not voting sounds sacrilegious. But following Jesus means turning away from the “patterns of this world” in favor of a better way – the Kingdom of God.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t vote if you follow Christ:

1. Because in over 6,000 years of human history, politics hasn’t solved any of our basic problems

2. Because politics divides the Body of Christ and creates false “us vs them” mentality

3. Because we will one day give an account to God for how we spent our time/money and investing in such an ineffective system is unjustified.

4. Because politics is about writing, passing and enforcing laws. Even God’s law wasn’t capable of creating the change we need. Why do we think we can do better?

5. Because when you have the power to change every human heart from within and make people brand new inside you don’t waste time on politics

6. Because we realize that to have a Christian nation you need to start with a nation of Christians. By making disciples we’re collaborating with Jesus to remake the world from within.

7. Because the Gospel is not spread through political actions or laws.

8. Because we admit that seeking political solutions to mankind’s problems is the same as giving up on the power of the Gospel to change people from within.

9. Because passing laws that force people to act Christian isn’t the same as making people like Christ.

10. Because our core problems, as a human race, are spiritual in nature. That means the only solution is spiritual.

11. Because politics is ultimately about compromise, power and corruption and no follower of Jesus needs to get entangled in those things.

12. Because human governments are essentially focused on gaining power and national wealth through violence and war.

13. Because politics is part of the world system we are called out of and saved from. It is one of the entanglements the scriptures call us to avoid.

14. Because the currency of politics are fame, money, power, manipulation and lies.

15. Because politics involves raising and spending billions of dollars which could better be used to build the Kingdom, feed the poor, care for the sick and comfort the outcast.

16. Because the NT portrays the enemies of Jesus as “the nations” and “the Kings of the earth”, we must stand with Jesus and work to advance His Kingdom, not promote earthly governments or leaders.

17. Because choosing between the lesser of two evils is still a choice for evil.

One of the most dangerous entanglements faced by Christians is in politics. Why? Simply because those who become entangled in politics do so out of a sincere desire to make a positive difference in the world. But rather than employ the methods that Jesus gave to us, they are attempting to change the world using the world’s systems.

Jesus did not come to give us more of the same, but with a cross on top. No, He came to show us a new and different way than anything we had ever even imagined before. This is why He started His Sermon on the Mount by urging all of us to “think differently” about everything. He had different ideas like overcoming evil with good, loving our enemies, and laying down our lives for one another.

Of course, every Christian hopes to make an impact on the world. But Jesus has the very best possible plan for changing the world from the inside out – without bloodshed or oppression or violence.

No, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make the world a better place. The problem is in seeking to do so without Jesus. Or, worse, to mix Christianity with Politics.

You know what you get when you mix religion and politics? You get politics.

Jesus shows us a better way.

Let's follow Him.



MickGee said...

Keith Giles: Once again scrubbing away the worlds residue to reveal important truth. Thanks again for saying what needs to be said. Sorry for all the haters who will punish you for it. Go with God!

adadof7 said...


Unknown said...

Dear adafor57,
Name calling does not help the discussion. Could you articulate what you are trying to say, insight where you disagree with Mr Giles, give us some of your insight and understanding.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Unknown said...

Thanks Keith,
Was very encourage and challenge. "Life begins at the edge of my comfort zone".
Your article got me to that edge, thanks!!

Unknown said...

Dear adadorf7,
Upon further reflection, I realize you are in fact not doing name calling, however you have indicated that Mr. Giles article is - "senseless, stupid, or exaggerated talk or writing; nonsense".
Could you explain more in detail?

Ye Heftye Leftye said...

I am curious what your thoughts are about paying taxes.

Anonymous said...

Matthew 22:17-22

Anonymous said...

So cool.

Keith Giles said...

Both Jesus and Paul tell us to pay our taxes. We should pay them. Tax exemption isn't endorsed or promoted in the New Testament.

Unknown said...

What do you make of William Wilberforce, who worked through the system to abolish the slave trade? What would have happened if he hadn't worked through the legal system? It took him 40 years. Just wondering. I think we have been provided a way to have some say about our laws and should exercise our voices.

Keith Giles said...

Susan:Great question! I wrote an article about that called "What Would Wilberforce Do?"

Honestly, I’ve pondered this for a while now. At first blush it appears that the work of Christian men like Wilberforce and MLK provide a strong rebuttal to my call for Christians to abandon political aspirations completely.

But after some thought I think I’ve identified a few reasons why the work these men did cannot be compared to our modern situation.

The big difference is this: Wilberforce was focused on advocating for the weak and the oppressed (slaves) who could not speak up or defend themselves against a system of exploitation, greed and corruption, of which he was an unwilling member.

Furthermore, as a Christian, he was greatly troubled by how his faith and scripture was being mangled to justify the treatment of other human beings who were held against their will and used like animals.

In contrast, Christians today are using political power and influence to protect themselves – not an oppressed group of people who have no defense against tyranny and abuse.

What's more, American Christians are seeking to impact their culture through the legislative power of the State rather than by actually loving and living and serving others the way Jesus commanded.

Wilberforce wanted to leverage political power to set others free. American Christians want to use politics to empower themselves. Big difference.

Anonymous said...

What about abortion? So "American Christians" should stay out of politics today and just allow a liberal and secular government to legalize the slaughtering of the unborn--over 50 million human lives since Roe v. Wade? Since we live in a democratic society, why not exercise our right to vote for leaders who will do more to protect the human rights of our unborn? Wouldn't that be a Christian leveraging of power "to set others free"? I agree that we cannot and will never create a genuinely "Christian" nation through politics and laws but only through the Gospel, but does that mean we have to swing the other way on the pendulum and pull out altogether? Especially since we live in a democratic society that allows for our participation, can't we at least make some moral difference through the system and not leave the running of our country's political and law-making institutions only to people without Christian principles and character. Jesus was not totally apolitical in His time either. He did preach the Gospel and ministered to others personally, but He also openly challenged and rebuked the oppressive Jewish political/religious leaders of Judea (Sadducees and Pharisees), and they pressed a reluctant Pilate to crucify Him for that among other reasons.

Keith Giles said...

I agree, Abortion is murder. We should do all we can to stop it, but is politics the best way? Not so far.

For more than 40 years now, the Republican Party has been promising American Christians that they will overturn Roe vs Wade and outlaw abortion again. We've had two terms of Reagan, one term of George Bush, and two terms of George W. Bush, and a majority Republican Congress during many of those years, and what have they done?

Not much.

The truth is, the abortion issue a "shiny red button" that the Republican Party loves to hold out to us as a way to manipulate us to vote for their candidate. But once that person is elected the issue of abortion is never a priority.

Here's why: The "shiny red button" works as it was designed to work. It makes us vote for them. That's all it is supposed to do.

When I was much younger my Dad told me something that has always stayed with me. He said that there was no money in finding a cure for cancer, or for muscular dystrophy, or many of the other diseases in our world today. "There's only money in looking for a cure," he said.

And he is right. There are billions of dollars raised every year for research, and billions more in the sale of medicines which treat the symptoms of these diseases. Why would anyone be so foolish as to cure the disease when the end result would be to dry up the endless stream of revenues?

It's no different with the abortion issue. The "shiny red button" works every time they hold it out to us. The light blinks. We vote. They win. The button goes back into the box until the next election. If they ever solve the problem and outlaw abortion, they will have no way to stir up the votes for their candidates.

Simply put, the abortion issue is nothing more than a means to manipulate the Evangelical Christians in America to vote for Republican candidates.

The Christian leaders who formed the Moral Majority learned this lesson the hard way. They got cozy with Ronald Reagan and registered thousands of Christians to vote Republican on the promise that he was "on our side" and would give us legitimacy, and restore our respect among the culture, and take a stand for "Christian values". But none of that never happened.

In fact, what did happen was that Reagan, after only one month into his Presidency, appointed Sandra Day O'Connor to the Supreme Court. Was she a Pro-Life Conservative who would make good on his promise to overturn Roe vs Wade? Hardly. In fact, she has been the pro-choice swing vote in virtually every abortion-related case before the Supreme Court which allowed abortion laws to persist in our nation.

Penn Janzen said...

"Tax exemption isn't endorsed or promoted in the New Testament."

Amen brother. Here's an article I wrote addressing this very issue.

Unknown said...

Your comments are quite insightful, Keith. I'll have to think more about the notion that Christians are after power for themselves; I'd always thought that Christians are fighting for a true and just society but is really the case? Much food for thought. Thanks.

Byrom said...

I'll have to disagree with you Keith. Your article does sound noble and does give us a good example of what the bible says about how to live and preach the gospel. But saying we should avoid participating in our government is irresponsible. To idly sit by while the government passes laws that force behavior that does not coincide with Gods word will lead us......well.....right where we are today. This present administration won the last election by around 4 million votes. Around 25 million Christians in that same election didn't even vote! Could that have made a difference in same sex marriage? How about the transgender issues? Yes, they could have made difference. How much a difference we will never know. There a certainly Christians on both sides of politics but most do claim to be conservative. Several Supreme Court appointees are coming up that will effect our country for decades to come. Yes, we as Christians have a responsibility in our government. Jesus never promoted "doing nothing" in our government. Not voting will lead us down that wide road to destruction a lot quicker. You don't have to be a politician to participate in the process. Your view will only give Christians another crutch to not do anything and feel satisfied about it. And again, that is one reason our country is in the mess it is in.

Keith Giles said...

I would suggest that our country is in the mess it's in precisely because Christians believe that voting is "doing something" that might actually transform our culture. But it won't.

This nation is in trouble precisely because Christians have not been living out the Gospel of Jesus and placing their complete faith in Him and His Gospel to transform everyone from the inside out.

Jesus is what transforms culture because a culture is made up of people, not laws.

The law could allow child torture and if everyone was following Christ it wouldn't matter because those who love one another as Christ loves them would never harm a child.

I do agree, "doing nothing" is wrong. But living out our faith, sharing the Gospel, being the Church and trusting in Jesus to transform us and our neighbors is hardly "doing nothing". If anyone thinks so then they are not Christians.

And if anyone believes that Jesus needs a law to bring righteousness, then they have misunderstood the Gospel. The law brings death, but the Spirit brings life.

Byrom said...

Keith I agree with you almost totally, right up to where you instruct us not to vote. Yep, that is what you are doing with you position as a blogger. You have probably more influence than you realize or might even want. Lets look back and do the hindsight 20/20 thing. Do you think that, right now, you would have anything close to the freedoms you enjoy in this country if Christians hadn't gotten involved in our government 200+ years ago? That IS part of your responsibility, especially as a Christian. It is also your freedom to choose if you want to get involved in your government or not. But to add to your opinion/choice that God doesn't want us as Christians to vote is kind of adding a personal spin to it. And its dangerous. Unfortunately most people will not choose God, especially in a time of prosperity like we have enjoyed. Proof is in the bible and Israels' history. Now we don't know who will and who won't, all we can do is be a witness, but we can't live in a bubble and let the rest of the country rot while we witness because the rotting will only lead more people away from God. You and I both will have more of a witness and effect on the country, even world, if we show and live what we preach in every day life which our government is a big part of. Sadly most of us don't. That is a subject for another day. Now....go time :o) It will help.

Anonymous said...

Dear Byrom,

If you knew the truth about the voting system as a whole, you too would agree with Keith's analysis. The voting system is only as good as the people who utilize it. The same with Capitalism in this country. This nation has truly forgotten about God and they follow their own ambitions. Voting will not change that and to be honest, your vote, no matter how passionate and sincere it may be, doesn't count. The electoral college picks those who represent you in Washington, not you. But of course, the public aka world wants you to feel like you can make a difference by voting so they feed you propaganda. The Bible has given us countless examples and stories stating that we lack the intelligence, capability and wisdom to select our own leaders. I agree whole heartedly with Keith, we should focus less on politics and more on doing our jobs as believers-going into the world and preaching the gospel! The gospel changes lives, not voting or politics. The Bible says that unless the Lord builds a house, all those laboring on it labor in vain. That is America, a crumbling house.

Anonymous said...

Byrom, I have to reveal that Keith is quite correct here, and your historical modifications aside, you have some good points yourself though you are missing the overall picture. We love our lives to achieve eternal peace & love for our lives on earth, as God lays out in the Bible, and shows us by sacrificing Jesus to save us. When a crooked Pro-life politician gets our vote, he gains the power to enrich himself and do more harm to our brothers and sisters. We, having voted for him, harm our chances of satisfying God's Will on earth. So, even though we have, in good faith, tried to improve life on Earth by choosing what we thought was a righteous champion for life, we have instead, empowered a charlatan who is working for himself to gather self engrandement. How does this help us to achieve a more loving world?

Let us console ourselves with the fact, that these poor unborn souls go straight into God's loving embrace. Never forget: God, has a plan! Voting, and other worldly distractions are a test for us as Christians. Do not be led astray!
Much love,