Tuesday, October 11, 2016

5 MINUTE VIDEO: Universalist Views of Hell [Part 5]

Why do some Christians believe that God will eventually save everyone? Where does this idea come from? Is there any Biblical support for this view?

And why did the Christian Church believe and teach this as the majority view for the first few hundred years?

Take 5 minutes [or so] and listen as Keith explains the Universalist view of Hell.

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Wesley Rostoll said...

I enjoyed this series of videos very much, particularly the spirit in which they were presented. I tried to write something similar a while back and would be interested to know what you think of it as well (if you have the time). It would probably have gone better with the rock, paper, scissors video but I wanted to wait till the end of the series before commenting. http://wrostoll.blogspot.co.za/2015/07/3-views-of-hell-what-they-share-in.html