Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Here are 10 very good reasons to stop tithing your 10% every week.

  1. The command to tithe was given only to the Jewish people. It was intended to provide for the upkeep of the Temple in Jerusalem and to support the Priesthood who owned no land and did not work to support themselves.
  2. The Temple in Jerusalem is gone now and has been for over 2,000 years, since its destruction by the Romans in AD 70.
  3. There is no longer any need to support a priesthood made up of people who do not own land or work for a living.
  4. The Old Covenant is now obsolete according to Hebrews 8:13. Therefore no one needs to keep those laws anymore.
  5. If you are in Christ then you are now the Temple of God where He has made His home. [See 1 Cor. 6:19-20]
  6. Those who abide in Christ are automatically ordained into the Priesthood of All Believers. [See 1 Peter 2:4-5 and 2:9-10]
  7. The daily sacrifice that was once offered in the Jewish Temple is now replaced by the living, daily sacrifice of every member of Christ's Body. [See Romans 12:1]
  8. The New Testament scriptures do not command anyone to tithe and the Church didn't formally institute the tithe until 777 AD under Charlemagne. For over 700 years no one who followed Christ tithed anything to the church.
  9. The New Covenant standard is not 10%, but 100%. God owns everything, and we are commanded to surrender everything to Christ. [See Luke 9:23 and Mark 12:17 ]
  10. The early Christians only practiced a freewill offering, not a mandatory ten percent obligation. Just look at what Tertullian, a second century Christian, tells us about what the early Church did with their offerings:  
           “Even if there is a treasury of a sort, it is not made up of money paid in initiation fees, as if                   religion were a matter of contract. Every man once a month brings some modest                                   contribution- or whatever he wishes, and only if he does wish, and if he can; for 
            nobody is compelled; it is a voluntary offering…to feed the poor and to bury them, for boys                 and girls who lack property and parents, and then for slaves grown old…So we, who are                     united in mind and soul, have no hesitation about sharing property. All is common 
            among us- except our wives. At that point we dissolve our partnership.."

No Christian today should continue to follow the Old Covenant mandate given to pre-Christian Jews to surrender ten percent of their income to their religious leaders. 

Now that everyone who is in Christ has been named the Temple of God, and has become the daily, living sacrifice, and has been ordained into the Priesthood of God, there is no longer any need to pay tithes to upkeep a building or to support a separate group or class of religious leaders.

Under the New Covenant, God owns 100%. We are called to surrender all that we have to Christ and to follow Him with our whole life. Under this New Covenant we do not relegate worship to one day a week, but we now seek and serve and worship Him every single day of our lives. 

So, stop holding back from God. Give 100 percent of your time, your money, your talent, and your life to Him.

Stop following rules and begin to follow the voice of the Spirit of God that lives within you.

Give freely, because you have freely received. [Matt. 10:8]

"Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give,not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." [2 Cor. 9:7]




Unknown said...

Even being in the institution, I don't like preaching tithe. I agree with your blog 100%. The only thing I still am studying out is Paul's statement of, if I minister to you spiritual things, am I not worthy to partake of your worldly things

Unknown said...

11. Israel's tithe was never money. Scripture is very clear on this - even to the point of saying if you had take the tithe a long way that you were to sell your produce for money and then convert it back into produce in Jerusalem. The tithe could only be produce/livestock from the land of Canaan. Therefore, Israel never tithed when it wasn't in the land of Canaan. Jacob never completed his vow to tithe because he never lived in the promised land. He did complete the other two parts of his vow. However, his vow to tithe was completed by Israel when it entered the promised land.

Since I'm not a farmer, and I definitely don't live in Canaan, I don't tithe.

Ukulelemike said...

Exacly what I was going to say. Let me add that the tithe did not keep up the temple either; it was done through freewill offerings, the same manner that the church house is kept up today, as well as paying a pastor, if he takes payment, which is biblical as he that labor's in the gospel has a right to live by the gospel.

Johan Marais said...

I suppose when you wrote this you tore out Hebrews 7 out if your bible. I agree with 100% however 10% still apply. I am not a pastor but a full time missionary

Anonymous said...

I love it when the uncommitted pat themselves on the back and congratulate themselves for deciding to not do something that is hard. There is a spiritual side to Tithing that cannot be ignored. The opportunity to reject the world and its money is a sacrifice to God that keeps us both humble and pure. How sad that this author wastes his time telling Christians do not tithe. It borders on humorous and smug. He may as well write to a group of fat and dying people that there is no need to work out or go for a walk. It is outdated and it is hard to do. So like everything else in the evangelical Christian world, nothing matters... Don't pay your tithing, have sex with whomever you would like, drink and smoke and use whatever drugs you would like, and basically act in any manner you see fit. Because in the end it "super Jesus" will bail you out. In fact there is nothing you can do that jesus can't save you from. So mouth a little prayer, say you accept jesus, sleep with your neighbors wife, snort some coke, steal from work, become Mormon, become Jewish....none of it matters....because at one time in your life you mouthed a little prayer that you accept Christ. So walk around and continue to not pay your tithing and make sure to tell everyone that "you're saved" which again implies that you already know the outcome of the race when the race isn't even over. That is why evangelical Christians are so dangerous. They corrupt the gospel of Christ. And dilute it into nothing more than a little social club where they can congratulate themselves for not doing anything hard and delude themselves into thinking it doesn't matter...classic.

Keith Giles said...

Dear "Anonymous" [if that is your real name....],

Or can I call you "Pastor"?

You have so completely missed the point of the article, and you clearly have never read anything else I've ever written here before based on the varied assumptions you make about me and my theological position on pretty much everything.

So, here's my attempt to clear a few things up:

*None of my 10 reasons for not tithing are based on it being "hard" to do.
*100% is the NT standard. That's more than 10%. So, it's 10 Times Harder to do what the NT commands.
*I do not discourage "giving", I am pointing out that a religious compulsion to give only 10 percent rather than surrendering our whole life to Christ is "less than" what we are called to.
*You refer to me as an "Evangelical" and I am anything but that.
*My article does not encourage people to smoke, get drunk, smoke weed, or sleep around. How in the world did you get that out of this article? [Read a few more articles here]
*I must agree with your facetious statement, however: "In fact there is nothing you can do that Jesus can't save you from." - Don't you believe that? Or are there certain things that Jesus is too weak to rescue us from? [I'm seriously curious]
*I totally agree that "mouthing a little prayer that you accept Christ" is NOT the Gospel. I've been blogging against that nonsense here for over 10 years. Check me out.
*You accuse me of "corrupting the Gospel of Christ" so I'm curious what you think I believe the Gospel is...and I'm curious what you believe it is. [Hint: I believe it's the Good News of the Kingdom that Jesus came and died to proclaim which is found all throughout the "Gospels" of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John [and even Acts and beyond].

Thanks for taking time to comment here, even though your comments made several sweeping assumptions that were not based on anything I actually said or advocated.

Looking forward to more intelligent and edifying dialog in the future.


Unknown said...


First, the author of this blog left a paid ministry position to start a church where 100% of the money given went to the poor and needy. Given he is part of ministering and supporting a church (through his church's GIVING) at a motel of virtually homeless people, I'm not sure there's anyone I know that is giving more biblically. Even to the point of not taking anything for his ministry (like Paul) even though he has a right to per Paul. Keith is humble enough not to mention all of that.

Second, as someone who doesn't believe in putting people again under the yoke of bondage, I always tell people not to tithe. However, I also strongly encourage them to give. I did a whole teaching about it at my church (I'm not a pastor or theologian, just a follower of Jesus). Because I didn't say anything about what I give, you don't know if it is nothing, 2%, 10% or 50% of my income. And I won't say anything about it since the left hand shouldn't know what the right hand is doing.

Third, for some people giving 10% is easy and, frankly, a cop out. If you make more than $200,000 (probably less but I'm trying to be fair), then giving 10% is easy. You would hardly notice the affect on your lifestyle. But, it would be easy for that person to get sanctimonious about giving a tithe and pointing out how others don't. On the other hand if you make $50,000 or less (depending on the size of your family) then it is going to be very, very difficult to tithe. You might be making decisions between feeding, paying the electric bill, buying clothes, etc. for your family and tithing. I know people who have been forced into that decision by their church's legalistic view of tithing. But, 1 Timothy 5:8 says that those who do not support their relatives, especially those in their own household (therefore support goes beyond your nuclear family), has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. So, church's are literally forcing people to decide between tithing and denying Jesus. And, 2 Corinthians 9:7 says that all giving should be from the heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, because God loves a cheerful giver. He doesn't want your tithe or your tax.

Ralph Westfall said...

Here are some things that the Bible tells us about tithing:

Abraham is only reported as tithing on one occasion (Genesis 14), and he did it voluntarily. It's hard to see how something such a wealthy man did after he received a huge financial blessing could become an absolute requirement for people who are having a difficult time making ends meet.

Jacob promised to tithe if God brought him home safely (Genesis 28). There is no record of him ever keeping this promise.

Tithing is very clearly a part of the law of Moses (Leviticus 27:30-34). This tithing only applied to people who raised crops (grain and fruit) or animals. We are not under the Law of Moses (read the whole book of Galatians).

People who raised crops were land owners, and generally more able to give at this level than people who didn't own any land. Animal owners were only required to give every tenth animal, so a person with nine animals and no crops did not have to tithe at all. We see God's gracious provision here for people of lesser means. It is also interesting that this Old Testament law of tithing did not apply to non-agricultural New Testament occupations such as fisherman and carpenter.

The book of Malachi is unmistakably talking to Jews under the law. See Malachi 1:1 "to Israel," 1:6 "priests," 1:8 "animals for sacrifice," 2:11 "Judah," 3:6 "descendants of Jacob," etc.

Malachi 3:7 says, "Ever since the time of your forefathers you have turned away from my decrees and have not kept them. Return to me, and I will return to you," says the LORD Almighty. "But you ask, 'How are we to return?'" The word "decrees" here shows that Malachi 3:10 is part of God's giving them a specific example of how they needed to return to obeying the Law of Moses.

Jesus only mentioned tithing in connection with Pharisees and teachers of the law (Matthew 23:23-24, Luke 11:42, Luke 18:9-12). It was an example of what was wrong about the way they were serving God. Jesus was actually mocking their tithing: they would harvest a small quantity of seeds from their spice gardens to season a meal and set aside every tenth one as an offering. He wanted his followers to think about how completely ridiculous the Pharisees looked dropping five or ten small seeds into the offering after putting the rest into the stew pot. (These passages should also make us think about how equally ridiculous some of our self-righteousness must look to God.)

Jesus never commanded any of his followers to tithe. There is no mention anywhere in the New Testament of any Christian giving any tithe to any church or to any other ministry.

The scriptures on the topic demonstrate very clearly that tithing is not part of Christianity. On the other hand, if you feel that you are required to tithe, then you should. But please do not tell other Christians who may be in worse financial circumstances that if they don't tithe God is going to curse them. Try to help them out instead.

The key passage for Christians on how much to give is 2 Corinthians 9:7, "Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." It's between us and the LORD as to what percentage that should work out to be. For a rich person it might be 90%, for someone else it might be 1% (or less).

I could also post all the verses in the Bible that I could find, with comments on each one that show why they don't apply to Christians. It would a lot longer.

Anonymous said...

Your conclusions are so childish brother please ask for God to enlightened you there's much to be desired I feel sorry for you. That's all I can say anyway I don't want to waste my argument to that

Anonymous said...

Hi just a note.... tithing was done before the law Moses. Hebrews says written to Christians: "here men tithe and in heaven He receives it"

juanDelaCruz said...

If we in the New Covenant were to tithe, then we should tithe to the Temple and the royal priesthood. All believers in Christ are both. Therefore, we should "tithe" to the poor among us and to each other. By doing this, we obey the Great Commandment to love our neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Tithing is a welcome challenge to me as a Disability recipient. When I freely give a set aside portion of my income, I believe God smiles on my ability to do more than I could otherwise with what I have left over.

Finding a pastor to tithe has been a greater challenge than the amount. So I tithe as unto the Lord as I was taught.

You gentlemen know so much, it's hard to express a worthy opinion. Just know that you have now freed my conscience to miss a few PAYMENTS to God. I hope I'm not guilty of robbing him. His Word has condirmed tithing to me through agreement with the Holy Spirit. I'M BLESSED by obedience.

Anonymous said...

People believe I know things but they don't know anything because if they actually read the word of God and read what you just published then they would be showing themselves to have an actual brain in her head if people are stupid and want their Christian Club they want their codependents culture coffee Christian Cube so they can keep their status with all their friends and be a follower it's a Christian he is come down to it first I love God but I will never walk into a church full time ever again in my entire life and I know that God understands and I know that the Holy Spirit understand

Melissa in San Diego

Anonymous said...

Tithing childish

Have you been hitting the crackpipe brother? I just prayed in humble supplication to the Lord Jesus… Or was it his father… Or are they the same person? Is it childish to obey the word of God? Is it childish to give up 10% of your annual increase? Is it childish to be a modern-day Christian and tell yourself that there are no requirements to being saved? Ask yourself this child this Childish question: are there any requirements for being saved? What childish things do I need to do to be saved? Do I simply need to except Jesus and gobble out a little prayer? After excepting Jesus is there anything that I can do that would disqualify me from being saved? If you can even answer those questions, then we can have a non-childish discussion about them. But remember, modern-day Christianity has no consistent doctrine. It's nothing more than an amalgamation of watered-down, filtered, regurgitated principles. I would say that I disagree with your view of Christianity but because there is no consistent view, it is always a moving target. There are those who believe they are saved by grace and others who feel that works play some role. Sadly, the Christian world is in a scary place right now. This is because modern day born again Christians have a lead the Christian world astray... With their "Jesus saves, nothing you do matters, just put five dollars on the tray every Sunday, we have no requirements, we like to sing together, we are afraid of the Old Testament, we have no teeth in our doctrine, we have very thin skin, and now we are being run over by the whole world". I just wish that someone would actually live their religion and that modern day Christians would stop watering down their beliefs to the point that they would like to change the bible. When jesus says, "go and sin no more" modern day Christians would like to change it to "I know you are a prostitute, but I love you anyway and will save you...just do whatever the hell you want because I like all my children just the way they are...." Don't worry about sinning no more... What if she did sin again? What if she did remain a prostitute? What then, ladies? Was Jesus serious when he asked her not to send again? Or was this just an "out-of-control Jesus" who is being a little too rough on this nice lady?

Unknown said...

Steve Kline's comment is 100% correct. What is 10 % to a rich man yet the pro-tithe pastor will place the burden and guilt of sin on a poor widow living on Social Security. May the curse of Malachi fall on them!

Dave Yeubanks said...

Hebrews 7 identifies the Levites as the recipients of the tithe, not pastors. Furthermore Hebrews 7 also declares that the ordinance was abolished (vs.18 "For there is verily a disannulling of the commandment going before for the weakness and unprofitableness thereof."
Ephesians and Collosians also state that the ordinances of the law (tithing is an ordinance) was nailed to the cross and put away.

Dave Yeubanks said...

Animal sacrifice was also done before the law. So what? We are under the Gospel of Christ and His New Covenant so your argument is pointless. Furthermore you really need to re-read Hebrews 7 because it says nothing about Christians tithing money to churches or pastors. It talks about levites under the law of Moses and then follows by saying that command has been abolished. You also conveniently disregard that the biblical tithe was not money. What gives you the authority to change what God commanded to something He never commanded?