Tuesday, August 26, 2014

[Subversive Radio] What's So Great About Constantine?

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Join our host Keith Giles as he interviews Christian Historian Al Baker.
Keith and Al will take different sides in the discussion about Constantine's influence on the Christian faith, as well as the legitmacy of his conversion experience and his understanding of what it meant to be a "Christian".
After serving as a university pastor for 14 years, Al Baker moved his family to Scotland where he did his Ph.D. work.  Al holds a Ph.D. from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. His doctoral focus was on early church history in general, the spirituality of Clement of Alexandria in particular.  
Dr. Baker was on the faculty of Saint Augustine's University in Raleigh NC for 6 years, serving as the interim Chair of the Philosophy and Religion department in his final year. He taught Church History and Intro to Philosophy along with a few other Religious Studies classes. 
In 2005 he started writing and publishing the web site Church History 101. The site has had over 350,000 unique visitors.  He has written several papers that are used in church history classes around the USA:
"Introduction to Gnostic Texts"
"How the New Testament Canon was Formed"
"Wine in the Ancient World"
to name the three most prominent.
In 2012 he turned his attention to Emperor Constantine and has dedicated 2014 and 2015 to the study of this important early church figure...and this, of course, is what led to Keith and Al meeting over the internet, exchanging numerous e-mails in discussion and fairly polite debate, and finally to this blog interview. 
Al is the author of the book, "A Concise History of the Christian Church" which is available here:

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the alternative1 said...

That is a great interview...when you brought up the issue of nationalism the spirit told me that it does not matter who you blame for it...the fact of the matter is that.only what God himself initiates by what he tells us is right..some people depend on their interpretation of certain biblical texts and others depend on certain authors or preachers...I simply ask my father..ok dad do you want me to be involved in conservative politics or to simply leave it alone..then I wait on his directions...he has led me to stay out of the conservative verses liberal argument and only focus on Christ in me to allow his loving being to flow out of me,no guns needed.