Monday, August 04, 2014


Our question this week is: "What if Christians really obeyed everything Jesus commanded?"

Go ahead. Let us know what you think the world we live in would be like if every single Christian around the globe actually did every single thing that Jesus commanded.

I'm talking things like, "turn the other cheek" or "love your enemies" or "give to anyone who asks without expecting anything in return."

How would this change the world? How would it change the way non-christians thought of Jesus?

Imagine what it would be like if everyone in your home church did this - even for a month.

Now imagine if just your family did it in your neighborhood for a week.

Or if you did it, for 48 hours.

Bonus points: If you actually decide to try this experiment and share the results in the comments below. [There might just be a very cool prize for those who take this challenge seriously].


the alternative1 said...

well if every person who calls themselves a Christian did every thing jesus talked about that would mean that we all died to ourselves and jesus was really lord of our lives and we would be living heaven on earth.

Scott Goddard said...

NWe would together become effective in winning the lost and discipling them because that would be our purpose, not the pursuit of our comforts or the building of personal kingdoms. Our mission would be the same as Christ's- to seek and save the lost. We would not be fighting with one another about the pre trib or post trib rapture or reformed or not- we'd be loving one another instead of knit picking one another to death. I am sickened by the waste of time, talent and resources that Christians perpetuate by bickering with each other over things that don't even matter. May God pour a spirit of repentance out over the church of our day and bring us back to what His intention is for the church- a spotless bride adorned with the good works He created four us before the world began.