Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Is This Christianity?

Imagine you live in a huge mansion. One day you discover that there’s an entire wing of the building you didn’t know was there before. You begin to explore and find a large family that’s been living there a long time. They’ve got nice stuff over there, some of it better than yours.

So, you go over there, kill them, enslave the survivors, and take their stuff.

Is that what a Christian would do? Because that’s essentially what the first American settlers did to the Native Americans, and what we continue to do in Africa, the Middle East, South America, etc.

If being "Christian" means being like Christ, then I have a very hard time believing that America - or any other nation on this Earth - has ever been like Christ.




Unknown said...

I like your blogs that deal with actual Christianity, but when you veer off into your liberal politic propaganda, you lose me and feel that you are not edifying to The Body. Your anti American and anti Semitic rants are offensive to me and not sure if I will stick with your blog much longer.

Howard said...

How are you defining "we?" Please be more specific as to where the "we" are killing and enslaving people in Africa and the Middle East.

Paulo Ans said...

LOL, I admire people, who ask "how are we enslaving people", who are the "we" LOLOL, reminds me of Israel's people that asked God, how are we stealing from God?
America was born over Indians blood, like the nation I was born into (Portugal) was imperialist and thrived over other's suffering.
All of the wealth is made over some-one else's expense.
Great text, subversive enough to make people think... something rare this days..
Of course americanism is not christianity, the same way, portugal imperialism had nothing to do with faith...

Marshall said...

Chris, I've been reading Keith's edgy takes and reviews on "America" as a challenge for people to reconsider whether nationalism is a good fit with following Jesus.
There were some people that honestly & later (after the natives were killed, and their stuff taken) tried to make America like Christ. Did they succeed?

Kenn K Stilger said...

I really do not see a " Liberal" Agenda either . I don't divide my life into the political half and the Christian Half ..it has to be All Christian ..sure there is always a possibility we slip into Post modernism in the Church ..taking the best of Secular and blending it with the Best of Christianity ..but is there a best of Secular society apart from Christianity ? Can we live out our Christian Lives ignoring the poor , the marginalized , those we have enslaved and overwhelmed with our force of arms ? I would hope not