Friday, July 14, 2017


Let me tell you something about this young lady in this picture.
Her name is Hannah Dulaney and she is one of the most breath-takingly fierce women of God I have ever known in my life.
She grew up in our house church and has become one of the spark plugs that ignite our collective passions for more of Jesus.
This young lady will share Jesus with a total stranger at the drop of a hat. Her testimonies have inspired and astounded many of us on a weekly basis.
Why am I telling you all of this? Because she is about to embark on a grand adventure to share this amazing light and love of Christ with the unsuspecting people of San Francisco.
She leaves in a few months for a long-term missions trip where she will spend a year serving the homeless and the outcasts in one of the most dangerous and challenging communities to reach.
To support her in this audacious mission to carry the light of Christ into the darkness, we are asking you to buy one of her awesome, hand-made t-shirts based on a phrase I introduced a while back, "Agape Against The Machine".

*To refresh your memory, the article is here: Love Against the Machine

The shirts are $25 plus $5 shipping [US only] and every one sold will go 100% to help her complete this bold mission to San Francisco.
NOTE: Every shirt will be hand-made by Hannah herself.
We've already sold about a dozen of them, but we still have a long way to go to help her reach her financial goal.
If you're able and willing to help, and if you're interested in owning and wearing one of the very coolest t-shirts ever made [by hand, mind you], then please leave a comment below [or send me a private message with your address and your sizes and I'll send you her PayPal info.
If you'd like to know about her mission to serve in the Bay Area [or if you want to make a donation] visit her GoFundMe page here>
If you can't help out financially, please pray for her as she steps out to change the world with the love of Christ with "Apape against the Machine".


Barry Bordenkircher said...

HOW do I get a t-shirt? Love it

Keith Giles said...

Email me via Facebook, Twitter or email [elysiansky] at {hotmail}