Friday, July 28, 2017

The Unrelenting Wave Is Rising

Today I invite you to become a member of a subversive group of social media renegades whose mission is to spread the audacious joy of Christ's heart and to change the tone and tenor of the internet to reflect His new Kingdom reality, one post at a time.
Our strategy will be to relentlessly post quotes, articles, videos and memes that unapologetically declare that Christ's message of love, peace and forgiveness is remaking the world - one person at a time, from the inside out - whether we like it or not.
We will not stop to argue with the naysayers. We will respond only with more love, more joy, more forgiveness and more endless declarations of the Gospel of Peace that inevitably transforms everyone it touches.
As our numbers increase [and they will increase] the algorithms of Facebook will have to be rewritten to accommodate our unstoppable tsunami wave of agape.
I'm not going to ask who is with me. I'm just going to move forward and step into this movement that is already in motion.
This little kingdom will also fall and all will bow down to the Lamb who was slain to the Glory of God.
Join me now, or wait and be swept up into the rip tide later. It makes no difference.
His Kingdom is here. It is advancing. We will overcome.

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