Monday, July 13, 2015

If Only...

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love1scent said...

Not true Keith.......we are all a work in progress forever. No matter how much love you show to someone, it does not mean that they will come to accept Jesus as there Savior on that day you show love.

But God knows the day when they are coming into the Kingdom/Family of God- just as he did with me in 1983 when I had no intentions or a desire to come into the Kingdom in late February of 1983 and yet it happen in a flash of a second when God spoke a handful of words to me and immediately I knew it was the Lord speaking to me.
Why did God speak to me? I was not asking God to bring me into the Kingdom on that February day.

Was it the Love of Believers or was it the prayers of many Believers over the years asking God to speak to me?

What is true love? It's when you share the Gospel message of Jesus.........................Lou