Wednesday, July 01, 2015

EPISODE 18: "Hard Conversations" - Dan Notti & Keith Giles [Video Podcast]

When and how do you have that hard conversation with a brother or sister in Christ who needs gentle correction or rebuke?

Dan and Keith share from real life personal experience how hard it can be, and what not to do, the next time you have to sit down with someone in your life who needs to know about their blind spot.

Humility, love and sincere concern are essential. Never undertake this process unless you genuinely love and care for the person. 

Recognize your own blind spot, too, and keep in mind we're all in need of people in our lives who have permission to show us an area where we are not yet formed into the image of Christ.


Jerry Sledge said...

Volume is much more balanced. Thank you, I will continue to listen.

Doug Webster said...

It sounds like Dan's friend has a deeper problem than just making some bad choices or having a bad attitude. It sounds as though he likely has a sense (perhaps sub-conscious) of not being loved. As I understand it, certain experiences in our past can get into our unconscious mind and make us feel like we're not good enough, not loved, and/or other negative ideas. This could explain his moving back and forth, literally searching for people who make him feel a certain way, and then believing it's the other people's fault when he doesn't feel as he expects. It would also fit that Dan's honest conversation would feel like an attack rather than concern, reinforcing the sense of not being good enough and what not. If this is the case, then some deeper emotional healing is needed. Therapy can potentially help with this. Dan's idea of showing him love without strings attached goes along with this.