Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Accidental Connections

Last night, I went up to the cashier at Keane Coffee to let them know that our little Meetup group was meeting in the back patio. Just in case new people walked in and couldn't find us. 

The young girl at the register, Kaylee, was about 20-something with a nose ring and a partially shaved head on one side. "Hey," I said. "We're having a Meetup outside, just in case anyone comes in and can't find us." Kaylee grabbed a slip of paper and a pen. "What's the name of the group?" She asked me, her pen hovering over the page. 

"Jesus Without Religion Or Politics," I said. She started to write it down and then she stopped. "What's it called again?" I repeated the name and she looked up at me with wide-eyed wonder. "Wow! That really sounds great! I left my previous church because all they ever did was talk bad about Gays and Muslims and Mormons and other people."  

I nodded and said, "Yep. And THAT'S why we started this group; so Christians who just want to gather around Jesus can do that without trying to show everyone else that we're right and they're wrong." 

She finished writing down the name of our group on a piece of paper and said, "So, how's the Meetup going so far?" I laughed. "I'll let you know! We're having our very first meeting tonight."

"Well, this sounds like what I've been looking for," she said. "Let me know how this group works out. I think it sounds like something I'd be interested in."

After that, I went back to the group on the patio and we had our first meeting together. When we were done, I went up to the register again to see if Kaylee was there but, unfortunately, she had already gone home. 

Please pray that we can reconnect with her! I really believe that the Lord had us bump into her for a reason. I'll try again to drop by later in the week to share our contact info with her.

Please pray for her, and for people like her, that they can find the community of believers they're searching for. 

And please pray for our little group, that we can find more people like Kaylee around Orange County who are desperate for "Jesus Without Religion (Or Politics)",  because, obviously, they are out there!

We just have to seek them out.


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the alternative1 said...

Yes I am praying for Kaylee and I like that phrase of Jesus without religion or politics