Tuesday, November 25, 2014


My friend Richard Jacobson fires the opening shot in this upcoming blog series "Who Makes Decisions In An Organic Church?".

This series looks at how organic churches make decisions without a "Senior Pastor" in place.

Here's the complete schedule, with links to participating blogs:

* Richard Jacobson's video and blog is HERE:

Richard Jacobson is an artist, blogger and former pastor. He tries to inspire fellow believers who are captivated by the church but disillusioned by today’s consumer-Christian church model to follow the longing of their hearts: to step outside the institutional church box and enter into genuine church community.

*Jon Zens: Decision Making In Organic Church Part 2: The Mind of Christ in Our Life Together - "All of Christ Through All The Voices": HERE:

Since 1977, Jon and Dotty have been traveling among and encouraging relational communities. Jon has been the editor of the Searching Together journal since 1978. From 1970 – 2000 he worked in three manufacturing facilities, and he is the author of many books, including "58 to 0 — How Christ Leads Through the One Anothers."

*Keith Giles: Decision Making In Organic Church Part 3: HERE:

Keith is a former pastor who left traditional church to start a simple church where 100% of the offering would go to help the poor in the community. He nows works as an advertising copywriter and publishes books about following Jesus in daily life. His latest book is “The Power of Weakness”.

BONUS: [Podcast] Who Decides? Making Decisions In An Organic Church by Keith Giles, HERE

*Dan Herford: Decision Making In Organic Church Part 4: HERE:

Dan is an artsy engineer with a bike shop and a blog. He has a patient wife, six children, and more interests than time. He wonders about words like ‘pastor’ and ‘disciple’ and ‘church’.

*Neil Cole: Decision Making In Organic Church Part 5: HERE:

Neil Cole is an author and organic church planter that has catalyzed church movements around the globe.


Please share your thoughts and comments here and on each blog and video post if you can. Interaction and conversation are part of what we hope to encourage.



Steve Simms said...

Here's my contribution: Jesus is The Senior Pastor! http://stevesimms.wordpress.com/2014/07/08/jesus-is-the-senior-pastor/

Unknown said...

This is really a terrific topic! There is so much to be said about leadership among believers. I look forward to the discussion! Blessings...