Wednesday, December 03, 2014


Is the idea of a church without a Senior Pastor unbiblical? Do we need "Spiritual Parents" to guide us? Or was Jesus serious when He said, "Not so with you!" regarding the practice of lording over one another in the Church?

Listen as Keith responds to a recent post from house church leader, John White who believes that human leaders are necessary for healthy churches to grow.

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Doug Webster said...

Hi Keith. I follow John's blog too and just read his article. My 2-cents is that you may have read more of a difference of opinion into the article then what is in reality the case. (Of course I can't speak for either of you, just based on my understanding of what each has said.) My impression is that John is responding against the idea "We don’t need any human leaders at all." Obviously there is leadership in the new testament, it just isn't the official kind nor does it have a hierarchy associated with it. I think what John is getting at when referring to the person of peace in Luke 10 is that a disciple is the one who finds and shares with the person of peace and is therefore a spiritual leader in this way (not that the person of peace is the leader).