Sunday, April 02, 2017

5 MINUTE VIDEO: Why Is The American Church Irrelevant?

In a recent Barna Survey it was noted:

"We live in an increasingly American culture. In this new age, religion is in retreat from the public square, and the role of traditional institutions, like the Church, are no longer functioning with the cultural authority they once held in generations past. Today, nearly half of America is unchurched."

Why is this true?

Take 5 minutes and listen as author Keith Giles explains why the American Church has lost relevance in the culture and how to get it back.

**From Barna Research about those who "Love Jesus, But Not The Church" 

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John Benson said...

I agree with you. And I believe there is no saving the institution. We need to create the new wineskin. We need to be the mustard seed. We need to be the fertile ground that will support the new growth.