Wednesday, April 05, 2017

5 MINUTE VIDEO: Why We Don't Worship The Bible

Why do some Christians act as if the Word of God is a Book and not the Son of God who was made flesh [as it says in the Gospel of John]?

How can anyone read the Scriptures [which all testify to Jesus] and  exclaim "What a great book!" rather than saying, "What a wonderful Savior! What a beautiful Abba we have!" ?

Take five minutes and listen as author Keith Giles talks about the problem with worshiping the Bible rather than entering into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

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Ye Heftye Leftye said...


It is telling that believers around the world have at the most one full translation of the Bible, while we in the West can't stop cranking them out, yet we are spiritually no better off for all that effort and tweaking. I have long believed that we are essentially clueless about God's intent in giving us the scriptures. I am not uninterested in coming to understand what the writings actually communicated to that first audience. But Jesus didn't say He would give us the Spirit, and the Spirit would tell us to shut up and read our Bible, "cuz it's all in there, dude."