Thursday, April 12, 2012


Imagine you live in a huge mansion. One day you discover that there’s a wing of the building you didn’t know was there before. You explore and find a large family that’s been living there a long time. They’ve got nice stuff over there, some of it better than yours. 

So, you go over there, kill them, enslave the survivors, and take their stuff. 

Is that what a Christian would do? Because that’s essentially what the first American settlers did to the Native Americans, and what we continue to do in Africa, the Middle East, South America, etc.

If being "Christian" means being like Christ, then I have a very hard time believing that America - or any other nation on this Earth - has ever been like Christ.



wes halliburton said...

that'll preach

The Future of the Republic said...

You have a point,to a point. Yes, this country displaced the American Indians.

BUT No, were are not colonizers that overtake other countries. Democratic capitalism with recognition of every person's God given rights and encouragement of liberty to live and worship is the very ideal we export and encourage while giving more in aid and assistance than all other civilized countries combined.

Yes, there have been mistakes and certainly some intentions throughout our history were less than honorable, but we are the beacon for freedom and liberty.
All of that being said I feel that our leaders need to look to the Lord for guidance as we continue to To worship and to live. God Bless.

Keith Giles said...

Sea Change: Actually, we no longer colonize countries the way we used to, we now economically colonize nations to steal their resources for our own wealth while those nations suffer in poverty.

America, at best, is a good human government, but it's not like Christ. America has never turned the other cheek like Christ. It has never forgiven her debtors. America has never made it her priority to feed the hungry, heal the sick or any of the things that Jesus did.

The point is, NO Government that has ever existed does this, and none ever will until Christ Himself returns to rule and reign on this Earth.

America is an Empire. It does what Empires do. It does not do what Christ does. Therefore it is not "like Christ" or "Christian".

The American Dream is about personal wealth, success and happiness. The Gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus preached is about giving up your life, your wealth, your happiness in love for someone else. The two are mutually exclusive.

Tovah said...

Keith: Amen and amen! The only hope for America is that we would acknowledge the fact of that which you speak and allow the Spirit of God to break the stronghold of pride that has deceived our nation. Apart from this, we remain like every other nation on the earth. If we are going to call ourselves a "Christian nation" then we must judge ourselves by the standards set forth by the Messiah. Doing this, we fall short..way short. We need to be honest with ourselves about ourselves.

Marshall said...

Ideas of colonialism, "enlightenment" and the virtuous revolution/war were exported to 18th century America. 230+ years later, it's rather plain that a human government cannot be made or cajoled into Christ.