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Join me at the Un:Conference in Nashville on June 23-25



Unconference Nashville - June 23-25, 2017
Are you a Christian who's done with organized church, but still wants Christian community? Are you a pastor or other church leader who's still called to the organized church, but wants to get out of the way and let God take control? Do you long to see a revival where Christians will once again be known for how they love their neighbor, rather than who they vote for?
If any of these questions stirs something in you, then come explore the answers with us! Let’s spend the weekend in Christian fellowship and conversation, as we seek the Lord about how to embrace Christianity without churchianity, to rediscover what it means to be his ekklesia on this earth, and how to untangle our faith from our politics, in order to become effective ambassadors of his kingdom once again.
However, please know: this isn't your typical Christian conference! In fact, that’s why we’re calling it an unconference. We’re not looking for passive audience members who want to sit quietly and listen to experts. Yes, there will be a few brief talks to spark some great conversation. But that’s the key. We want real conversation where we can learn from one another. We also want to carve out time to let God speak to us.
We can't wait to worship and fellowship and wait on the Lord together. We hope this will be a life-changing event for everyone. However, SEATS ARE LIMITED, so SIGN UP NOW!

Unconference Nashville is being hosted by The Salvation Army Berry Street Worship Center in Nashville, TN. The conference will take place on Friday evening, all day Saturday, and the second half of the day Sunday, though participants will also have the option to attend the Sunday morning worship service at Berry Street.
Tickets are for conference admission only. Meals are not included, though light snacks and cofeee will be served. Out-of-town particpants will also need to make arrangements for hotels and travel. Depeding on the number of attendees, we may bring in food trucks for lunch. Otherwise, both lunches and dinners will happen offsite.
Either way, attendees will need transportaion to-and-from the conference venue. So, if you don't plan to drive your own car or rent one, you might need to carpool with other attendees or rent an Uber, as needed.

Connecting Online
Attendees are encouraged to use the hashtag #unconferencenashville to connect prior, during, and after the event. Also, later in the year, we would love to host some group videochat "renuions" for attendees who wish to enage in discussions about how their lives have changed since Unconfernece Nashville.

Unconference Nashville is proud to have The Salvation Army Berry Street host this event. Our guest speakers / facilitators include:
  • Richard Jacobson, author of Unchurching: Christianity Without Churchianity. Richard started as a hippie kid in the Jesus Movement, and eventually became an organized church pastor, then quit, in order to search for non-institutional Christian community again. You can find Richard's work here.


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D. L. Webster said...

Hey this is great! I live in Nashville now and have actually been to Berry St. and met Steve.