Friday, March 31, 2017


It’s one of my pet peeves. 

I really hate when I hear Christians say something along the lines of “The Bible says I’m a child of the King. That means I’m royalty!”

I guess it bugs me when I hear that because, usually, it comes across to me sounding more like this: 

“I’m super awesome and more important than other people.”

Maybe that’s not what people mean by this, but it’s what it sounds like when I hear people say it out loud.

But it got me thinking, what does it really mean to be a child of the King?

I think, in context with the rest of the New Testament, the idea of recognizing our identity in Christ is essential. We do need to know who we are. If for no other reason than that this might help us to be who we are called to be.

For the record, the New Testament doesn’t really emphasize our position as “sons and daughters of the King” in quite the same way as some Christians today want to frame it. 

We’re told that we are now a “royal priesthood” by Peter, for example, but the context of that is our responsibility to perform the priestly duties. Those include: Pointing others to Christ, administering the ministry of reconciliation, and acting as liaisons between our fellow humans and the King of Kings.

1 John 3:1 also reminds us that God "has lavished His great love upon us by making us His children." 

This is true. But in that verse no mention is made of our elevated status as royal family members. Instead the emphasis is basically on humbly receiving so gracious a gift as to be allowed to call the Creator of the Universe our “Daddy." In other words, it’s the astounding level of intimacy and the breath-taking inclusiveness of God that is being celebrated here. Not our exalted status as the Prince or Princess of the Universe.

So, what does it really mean to be “Children of the King”? 

Here’s what I think:

If our Father is the King of Kings, then that means we do not bow our knees to anyone, or anything other than Him. We owe all our allegiance to our Father. He is the rightful ruler of this planet, and the entire Universe. Nothing else should ever eclipse His absolute rule, reign or authority in our lives.

Our Abba is the King! We are no longer at the mercy of any other ruler or authority. Nothing else has any power over us; Not our sinful natures (which have been put to death once and for all); Not our national identity (because our Father’s kingdom transcends every national border); Nothing else in all creation.

So, go ahead and let everyone know: “I’m a child of the King. That means I’m royalty!” But please keep in mind that sharing a family identity with the absolute ruler of the Universe means that you’re not under the yoke of anyone, or anything, else except your Abba.

Pledge your total allegiance to His Kingdom.

Bow the knee to no one else.

Serve only Him.

Let no other ruler, or authority, or government, nation steal your loyalty.

Your Father is the King.

His rule is absolute. His nation is eternal.

“Before Him all the nations are as nothing; they are regarded by Him as worthless and less than nothing.” (Isaiah 40:17)


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