Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last night I spoke on the phone with his son, Richard. He was very nice on the phone although he did admit that there was some "major drama" between Robert and the rest of the family that is still hanging in the air. Because of this, Richard was not willing to give out his Mom's phone number, or the contact info for his 2 sisters - although he confessed he wasn't even sure where one of his sister's was now.

Richard shared with me that he felt like he had made peace with Robert over whatever it was that took place. He said he sometimes wondered about his Dad, and he did ask me a few questions about how Robert was doing. I only shared with him that Robert was in a wheelchair and that his arm was in a sling. Beyond that I didn't feel like it was time to share any more than this - at least not until the two of them have a chance to talk one-on-one.

Richard said he was ok with me sharing his phone number with Robert. He said he might try to come and see his Dad sometime, too. Although, I did not tell Richard that Robert was in an assisted living facility.

Tonight I plan to drop by and inform Robert that I’ve found his son and offer him the chance to talk to Richard again over the phone.

Please pray that God will use this to bring healing to Robert's family. My concern is that this might only bring up more painful and negative feelings for Robert. Obviously, there is a long way to go for God to bring reconciliation to this family. But, I've seen God work in situations like this in the past and I'll be praying that He can soften hearts and restore relationships in Robert's family.

Of course, a big step for Robert is still his own faith in Christ. He and I are having lunch together on Friday. Pray that he and I might have an opportunity to talk about the Lord and for me to have wisdom as I ask Robert some important questions about his faith.

God is doing a great work in Robert's heart these days. Yesterday when I went to visit him he asked me to tape up his birthday cards on the edge of his tray so that everyone could see them.

His Hospice care nurse, Mona, shared with me last week that when Robert told her about the birthday party he started to cry. She wanted me to know that Robert was very blessed by this simple gesture of affection. So, THANK YOU to everyone who participated in that.

The night of the birthday party, as we were leaving his room, Robert took my hand and with tears in his eyes he said to me, "No one has ever done anything like this for me before." It's astounding to me that someone could live for 78 years without experiencing such a simple act of love, but this seems to be Robert's story.

Robert's favorite song, on one of only 2 CD’s he owns, is Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is". As I spend time listening to him talk about his life, I can understand why this is his favorite song. He really doesn't know what love is and he really does want someone to show him. I'm praying that one day, very soon, he will know who love is and embrace Jesus with all of his heart.

Thanks for keeping Robert in your prayers. I’ll provide updates as they come.


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