Saturday, February 27, 2010


Presenting a much-needed kick in the butt from Francis Chan.



Benjamin Ady said...

He got me wrong at the start. I don't "really really really really really like Jesus". Does anyone have that many reallys? I mean really?

I'm not thankful that Jesus was spit on and abused.

Oh. wait--I see that he is speaking to a different crowd than the one of which I am a part.

My experience is that chiding people doesn't tend to accomplish much.

I wish I could have preached. I would have turned it into a question/answer dialogue thing, which is a lot more fun and interesting. Asking real questions is fun. Now that I said that, I see I haven't asked a single question in this comment.

Why did you post this video?

Keith Giles said...

I posted it because it spoke to me and reminded me of my calling to follow Christ with my actual life.

The verse in 1 John is my life verse and it was God's reminder to me of my mission to die to myself and take up my cross and follow Jesus.

Benjamin Ady said...

I stand corrected. It sounds like his chiding worked for you. Or did you not experience it as chiding?

Thank you for answering my question =).