Friday, February 05, 2010

Happy Birthday: Robert Higgins (78)

On Wednesday evening we gathered at Fountain Care to celebrate the birthday of Robert Higgins. He's dying of bone cancer, alone, with no family around to comfort him.

His friends Stan (from Southwest Community Center), Kathy, Cindy, Jim, and my family were there, along with the man who owns the gas station on the corner near the motel where Robert used to live.

We are Robert's only "family" now.

Everyone brought either a candy bar or an apple pie for Robert since these are his favorite things to eat and he has no room for other gifts - or any use for them. He's already given away everything he owns in this world except for his wrist watch, his cigarette lighter, and a few clothes.

The man who owns the gas station (can't remember his name) brought Robert a carton of cigarettes (worth about $50). These day's Robert measures his life in terms of how many cigarettes he has left to get him through until the end.

Keep him in your prayers. Pray that we can find his son and daughters before he dies. Pray that we can get back in touch with his ex-wife so he can say goodbye to her. Pray, especially, that Robert will trust Jesus as His Lord and Savior. I'd really love to continue our friendship on the other side of this life.


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