Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poverty In The OC - The New Website

Yesterday I put together a brand new web resource page called PovertyInTheOC.com.

You can see it

This will be a website where people in Orange County can go to learn more about what causes poverty here, what challenges the poor face, and why, and more importantly find out what they can do to help those who live in poverty in the richest economy in California.

I'm also offering to visit local churches and lead a free, interactive presentation on Poverty In The OC for anyone who is interested. So far I've done these at Rock Harbor in Costa Mesa, at Soul Survivor's "Engage" Conference, at the Heart of Jesus Conference in Tustin, and at two other house churches in Orange and they've all been amazing times to reflect on God's Word concerning the poor and the statistics of poverty here in our community.

Help me spread the word!


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Maria said...

Interesting stuff, Ken. I'm wondering where you came across that Community indicators report. I live in Santa Barbara county, and I suspect the issues with housing costs are similar, if not worse. Thanks.