Monday, June 09, 2008


Yesterday at The Mission we enjoyed one of the sweetest times of fellowship and Koinonia ever. Our share time was so very awesome as the Holy Spirit lead us and taught us about the importance of the inner person, the command to love others, and the importance of simply coming to Jesus daily in total surrender to Him.

I know God has blessed us so much already, but I sense that He has even more in store for us down the road.

God is showing me so much lately about what it means to "Be the Church" and how far and wide and deep that truth really goes. I feel like I've just been born again today and God's Word is brand new to me, more vibrant and relevant than ever before.

I'm looking forward very much to our upcoming shared worship service with Soul Survivor Church on the 22nd so I can preach this message that is burning in me. It's so exciting I can barely contain it within myself.

Later that same afternoon, after our joint service, we'll have our very first baptism as a church. I hope it is the first of many more to come!

I am living the dream!


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