Monday, June 30, 2008

Holy Spirit Weekend

This last Saturday and Sunday our family and our house church spent a lot of time focusing on the Holy Spirit.

First, we attended a Saturday conference with Mike Pilavachi and received some great instruction (as only Mike can) on the Holy Spirit, praying for others and waiting on God. Then we got to practice it on one another. It was really amazing.

I got to pray for a total stranger and God gave me a specific word of encouragement for him that was spot on. Thank you, Jesus! I always feel nervous praying like that for someone because I don't always get a word for them. This time God came through and it was great to encourage someone that way.

A lot of other friends of our were there also and they were blessed as well. It was an awesome day. No one wanted to leave!

On Sunday morning, mostly fueled by what we had experienced on Saturday, we broke our usual liturgy at The Mission and mixed things completely up and invited the Holy Spirit to come, spent time laying hands on those who needed physical healing, and praying over each other in the group spontaneously. We also had a wonderful dialog about the ministry of reconciliation as an extension of the healing ministry of Jesus.

Several people stayed for lunch and some of the kids stayed until 5pm. It was an all-day fellowship and Holy Spirit-fest!

Doesn't it seem like Sunday after Sunday we have more and more to praise God for and celebrate?!

God is so awesome!



Keith said...

Beautiful! I love it when that happens.


Adam said...

As I was reading this, I confess I had to ask for forgiveness at the cynicism that I felt rising up in me. It's probably an indictment of "playing church as unusal," even when I think (perhaps pridefully) that God can use me to change things...I get used to quenching/ignoring/not imploring the Holy Spirit. So when He is brought up, especially in the way you did, you would think I was reacting to some talk about voodoo or something.

I guess I was just being a good (sic) Baptist.

O Holy Spirit! Would it be that I can leave all the trappings that I have put on myself so that I may truly fellowship with You! Only then can I have any true ministry.