Friday, November 16, 2007

Nobody Follows Jesus - Reaction

Reader reviews of my book, "Nobody Follows Jesus (So Why Should You?)" are below:

"The anointing is upon you, brother. That tongue is alive. It is a warm breeze on a cold night.When I have finished reading it, I would like to review it on my little blog.May God bless you every minute, every day."
-Charles P.

"I've been devouring your articles "Nobody Follows Jesus" and am...well, I would have thrown the book against the wall any number of times already (I'm on page 126) and am experiencing the coruscating pain of conviction. I haven't felt this...crushed and loved all at once at the same time in a long time. "
-Dan C.
"I feel like you climbed into my brain and scooped out all my thoughts on this issue...thoughts I've been thinking about since I became a Christian at 7 years old.
I can't help but want to follow Jesus...your words in this form help point others to do so too!.
Thank you!!!"
-Amy A.
You can download this book for free (or purchase the actual 205 book) online here
My second book, "The Gospel:For Here Or To Go?" is also available for free download or purchase.
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