Wednesday, November 21, 2007

God Still Loves Us

Not sure who is behind this worldwide viral marketing campaign...but I think I like it.

More info:

For even more fun try googling "God Still Loves Us" and you'll discover a Flickr site, a .Ning page and loads more.

! Attention Christians: More like this, please.



Rachel Belcher said...

Hello Keith. My comment isn't about this particular post, but about Jackie Pullinger! This is the only way I could figure out to contact you. I'm a Christian working on some teaching materials for UK schools, and I'm looking for a photo of Jackie to use in a religious studies product for interactive whiteboards (basically Powerpoint presentations that can be used like an interactive textbook). I notice you have a really good, up-to-date photo of her on your flickr site (the one with the yellow background), and am wondering if you have the copyright for this, and if so, would you mind us using it, with an appropriate credit of course? Please contact me at if this is something you'd be willing to do. Thanks ever so much! God bless, Rachel

JP said...

God Still Loves Us is a viral marketing campaign tied into the movie I Am Legend. Go ahead and check out this post.