Saturday, August 17, 2013



Police allege trouble with the hotel goes back more than 20 years. In the past year and a half, they said they've had 365 calls for service, ranging from drug problems to domestic violence.

"It's affecting everyone. It doesn't stay just in there," said Santa Ana resident Jose, who only wanted to be identified by his first name.

Jose worries about children's safety with two schools nearby, as well as the low income families who live at the hotel.

"I think our kids are in danger, because not only there's drugs but there's prostitution going on in there," said Jose.

Police say they are working with the city and looking at nuisance abatement as a way to try to deal with the problems at the hotel.

"They attempt to contact the owner and see if the owner will abide by certain rules and if they don't, we can try to fine the owner or do something with the property where he's forced to make changes," said Gonzalez.

It's a move applauded by some who would like to see the hotel shut down and the crime disappear. The hotel management has not returned our calls for a comment.

HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS: There is a growing church that meets every Sunday morning in the back parking lot of this same motel - and has been for over two years now.

There are people who live in this motel who love and follow Jesus and they are living out their faith in this place every single day.

The gates of Hell will be crushed beneath the advancing army of Jesus Followers who will not stop praising God, serving people, and loving others daily.

Let His Kingdom come!



the alternative1 said...

yea that's the best way to deal with the problem

NoahM said...

I assume that the style of simple church you offer in the car park is very different from the one you run at home? From your blog I understand it is a very unstructured experience where everyone understands the need to be humble and respectful of others in seeking Jesus'presence. At the motel I expect you run a more structured church for the many who do not have the maturity or understanding to let go of their earthly desires and thinking?

Keith Giles said...

The church at the motel is still open participation where people are allowed and encouraged to ask questions, make comments and share their observations as we go through the Gospels together.

There is a rotation of teachers from other church families who facilitate the discussion times but it is not a sermon time.

Thanks for asking!

Unknown said...

Kieth,do you know of anything like this going on in the Phoenix/Glendale AZ area? I would like to know more about how to be involved or start something like this in my area.

Keith Giles said...

Cathy - I don't know of anything already in motion there, but I do know that you can go to and sign up there to have someone talk to you about starting one yourself. Or you can email me directly and we can work together to get something going.
My email is: elysiansky [at hotmail].com

Unknown said...

Cathy, we are in the East Valley, and I too am interested in this type of ministry. Know of anything?