Monday, September 29, 2014

Love Unlimited

Love is the greatest command. Jesus tells us that if we focus on loving God and loving one another, we’ll be fulfilling the Law of God.

He also tells us that people will know that we are his disciples if we love one another as he has loved us.

And then Jesus even goes so far as to suggest that we should not only love those who are lovable, and those who love us back, but we should go beyond this to love even those who hate us, and those we do not even like.

So, in essence, Jesus expects us to become love experts. Love should be our expertise. Love should be our brand. Love should be our practice and our specialty.

How do we do this? By first soaking up the fantastic, unmerited love of Jesus like dry sponges who are desperately thirsty for the love of God. Very quickly we’ll find ourselves so saturated with the extravagant love of Jesus that we can’t hold it all inside. We’ll soon find ourselves gushing this love out of every pore of our being. Indiscriminately those around us will become drenched in this same intoxicating nectar of God’s love and so it will begin to spread to everyone around us.

Granted, this takes time to learn and to practice. We get a taste of His love and we walk away. We get distracted by other things and we forget about His love for a while. Then hard times come, tragedy strikes, disappointments arise. We find ourselves thirsty again for His amazing love. He fills us again and we dance in the downpour of His love, lingering a little longer than before, but eventually we drift away again following this dream, or chasing that light in the distance.
Soon enough we realize that none of that was even half as satisfying as the love that Jesus immersed us in and we find our way back to Him, diving deeper into that boundless ocean of love than we ever thought possible.

His love never fails us. His love never ends. His love transforms us. His love makes us – and all things – new again.

But His love is also dangerous, and unpredictable, and challenging, and sometimes even uncomfortable for us. Even so, there is nothing like Jesus and there is nothing like His unconditional love for us – and for everyone around us.

The beautiful thing is when the love that Jesus has for me begins to change my heart. Suddenly I see people the way He sees them. His heart for them becomes my heart for them. I begin to move from theological agreement with His command to love and step into the fullness of loving Him and loving others because I am unable to do anything else.

He loves me. He loves you. He loves everyone I have ever met, or will ever know.

Now, I love because Jesus does.

That means:

I love homosexual people because Jesus loves them.

I love Muslims because Jesus loves them.

I love Liberals and Republicans because Jesus loves them.

I love racists because Jesus loves them.

I love Obama because Jesus loves him.

I love Rush Limbaugh because Jesus loves him.

I love Bill Maher because Jesus loves him.

I love Hilary Clinton because Jesus loves her.

I love Sean Hannity because Jesus loves him.

I love abortionists because Jesus loves them.

I love the Taliban because Jesus loves them.

I love Buddhists because Jesus loves them.

I love suicide bombers because Jesus loves them.

I love Atheists because Jesus loves them.

I love Calvinists because Jesus loves them.

I love Dispensationalists because Jesus loves them.

I love Zionists because Jesus loves them.

I love Palestinians because Jesus loves them.

I love ______ because Jesus loves ______.

“For God so loved everyone in the world that He gave His only son, so that anyone who puts their hope and trust in His son will have everlasting life.” – Jesus (Jn. 3:16)

There is no greater force in the Universe than the love of God. This same love has been poured out to us and given away freely to anyone and everyone who is hungry and thirsty for it.

That's Good News. Let's spread it around.



the alternative1 said...

yep-as much of a pain as dealing with other humans can be I cannot survive without Gods love to deal with them--how well I know.

Doug Webster said...

"Breathe deep, breathe deep the breath of God..."