Saturday, July 19, 2014

[Subversive Radio Podcast] Peace In The Middle East by Keith Giles

What will it take to bring real, true, lasting peace in the Middle East? Listen as Keith shares some ideas that just might reveal a spark of hope for actual peace between Jews Muslims and Palestinian Christians.


Unknown said...

Thanks for your message! The Gospel is so simple, yet so hard for us to do (In our own strength). I'm praying for that vision as well.

Unknown said...

Your comment on the agreement of your Christian friend and the leader of Hamas, a Muslim, to pray that Obama, Netenyahu (sp), and the Prime Minister of England have the heart of Jesus for peace greatly troubles me. How can a Christian and a Muslim yoke together in prayer when one prays to the true God and the other to a non-god?

Unknown said...

I understand that the Hamas Charter specifically states that it's prime objective is the total anilization of Isreal, If they relentlessly bomb Israel, why are they not allowed to defend themselves?