Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Subversive Radio Podcast] The Obsolete Old Testament?

The Old Covenant had a great run for a few thousand years, but now it is old, and fading, and obsolete and vanishing - at least according to the New Testament it is.

Listen for yourself as Keith explains why the Ten Commandments and the Old Covenant are no longer binding for anyone, especially those who are in Christ.


the alternative1 said...

Yes indeed Keith...I'm free fo the demands of the letter that I could not keep anyway and now because of the very spirit being of Christ living inside of me in union with my spirit being I participate in living a life that brings honor to the father..very good..thanks.

Layton said...

Thanks Keith for the precious teaching about the Christian life.

Please send me more information about the meeting you plan to have about "House Churches"6859 in your home.