Thursday, May 08, 2014

Love Mercy

What has convicted you lately? Sometimes it’s good to take note of the places God has pointed out to you that need growth or correction. For me, it’s been my heart for sinners. Or actually, one particular sinner.
When there’s someone you’ve been suspicious of and then those suspicious are confirmed, it’s hard not to take an “I told you so” attitude. I mean, it is hard for me.
I know what I’m supposed to do. I know I’m supposed to instantly offer the person an opportunity to repent and to surrender to Jesus. I know I’m supposed to point to the mercies of Christ and extend a compassionate hand. I know.

But that’s not what I did. And that’s what the Lord has been convicting me of.
In Micah, God tells us what it is that He requires of us. If you've never read it, the list goes like this;

"He has shown you oh man, what is good and what the Lord requires of you: but to do justice and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God" (Micah 6:8).

“Doing justice” is not too difficult for me. It simply means recognizing injustice and working to make it right again. When we see someone being oppressed, for example, we speak out. When we see someone without enough to eat, we take care of them. I get that.

The second part is to Love Mercy. That's not the same as "doing mercy". We're just told to love it. That means, when we see someone who doesn't deserve a blessing being blessed, we should rejoice. But, honestly this is where I struggle the most.

When I see someone who has done evil suddenly get a break or receive undeserved grace, my first reaction is usually not "Oh, Yes!"

Not at all.

I tend to yell and scream and cry foul when that happens.

Yet, when God shows mercy to me? Oh, then I tend to get excited and share my joy with everyone. “Do you know what God did for me?” I tell them. “I deserved nothing and God gave me a blessing so big and fat and wide I couldn’t contain it.”

So, if God expects me to “love mercy” then that means I need to rejoice whenever someone who doesn’t deserve a blessing receives one – even if that person isn’t me.

When God allows His Mercy to fall on anyone – regardless of who they are or what they've done – I’m supposed to cheer. I am called to love that. To love it just the same as if it had happened to me.

Finally, God tells me to "walk humbly.” Also not easy.

Humility is about surrender. It's about being weak.

It’s about admitting that you don’t always love mercy, or do justice, or rejoice when someone who deserves a swift kick gets a big kiss instead.

Jesus, please help me to learn how to love mercy. Teach me to do justice. Transform my prideful heart into a humble one that is surrendered fully to you.




Stacy Harp said...

I'm with ya bro. All I can say Keith is that I understand because I have similar struggles. As far as being convicted, well, recently a friend told me she didn't like how bitter I've become. She's right about it, but interestingly enough, part of the reason I feel bitter is because I receive very little mercy from people just like her. God always humbles me... LOL... I can't do what I do or work as hard as I do, without Him always humbling me. Yesterday I had a great time with Him and poured out my heart like I haven't in awhile because I realized that I have not been abiding in Him. I was telling Him, "Hey, everything I do is falling flat here and I'm angry about this... and yeah, I admit I'm angry and bitter..." and well, let's just say that last night and this morning God gave me 3 tangible blessings that I had been wanting, but wasn't getting on my own and my first thought this morning was...."This is a gift from God"... not, "Wow, look at what I did...or It's about time!" - Now I have to consider if I want to extend mercy to someone who I set boundaries with, who violated them again and give them another chance... in my flesh I don't, in my heart I kind of want to.... not sure what to do.

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Mick Smith said...

Kevin a timely word for me, thanks. I have struggled today to 'love mercy' when I have discovered that someone close to me has received a financial blessing recently when he certainly did not deserve it (in my eyes anyway!). The reality is that I want to be blessed that he is blessed but I am finding it hard at the moment to get to that place.