Thursday, April 10, 2014

[Subversive Radio Podcast] What About The Five Fold Ministry?

Listen as Keith explains what the Five Fold Ministry is and why he doesn't agree with most people about it.


DanH (@HerfordDan) said...


But what a wasps nest to poke when you point out the lack of support for the job of 'Pastor'.

My desire is to try to make a mental exchange; to trade "My Pastor feeds me and leads me!" for "I am a priest of God, thankful for the equipping He provides so that I can serve Him."

Thanks for your podcasts!

By the way, with respect to the shepherding role that elders are called to, I put up a rough compare-and-contrast sketch at

the alternative1 said...

that's good stuff my friend--as always you give us something to think over and for that reason I like your stuff--thanks