Friday, November 29, 2013

Repent America

Thus shall I strip you naked, America and give your wealth to another nation,
for your sins of injustice upon the poor of this earth.

The cries against you have reached my ears
from the workers at Foxconn you have devoured whole;
from the families in Kenya you have stolen resources from;
from the men, women, and children working as slaves in China, Africa, India, and Mexico who make your clothing,
shoes, and luxuries.

Night and day they beg for mercy from you, but you will not listen.
They stand barefoot and naked while they make your shoes and clothing.

The Sins of Sodom are heaped upon you. The Sins of Laodicea are tattooed upon your heart.

I will show no mercy to the nation that wears my Name as they rape the weak and exploit the innocent.

With your lips you speak praises to my Name, but your hearts are far from me.

On the day of your Judgment - which I will bring swiftly upon you - you will say to me,
"Did we not invade nations in your Name and drop bombs on our enemies?"
And I will reply,
"Depart from me, you workers of iniquity. I never knew you."

Surely you will say to me, "We have grown rich and rise to power because the Lord our God has blessed our wars, our guns, our exploitation of the poor." 

But I will say, "Truly, you have never known me."

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Brian said...

So appropriate.