Thursday, June 27, 2013

Christian Values

Have you ever heard someone say that they wish America would return to Christian values?

There is a major difference between wanting America to become more "Christian" out of a desire to be more comfortable as a Christian and actually having a passion to see people's lives transformed by the Gospel.

From what I observe, most Christians who demand a return to Biblical values are more concerned with their own desire to be around people who are more like them, share their opinions, etc. and are less concerned for people around them who are desperate for the freedom and life found in Christ.
What I don’t see is a passion to see people’s lives transformed. I don’t see Christians weeping for the lost or driven to serve the outcast or hoping to see the Kingdom of God advanced.
Instead, what I see and hear are Christians who are judgmental, angry, and intolerant of people who threaten their lifestyle and do not share their specific set of values.

Here’s a kick to the head: If you really want America to be a Christian nation, you’ll have to preach the Gospel to the lost, and live out the Gospel in your daily life. That means sharing what you have with people in need. That means welcoming the stranger into your home. That means caring for the poor, and loving the unlovable, and being willing to put the needs of others above your own.

In the end, this is really all about comfort. You either love your own comfort more than you love people, or you’re willing to leave your comfort zone to share the good news of the Kingdom with people who are not like you.
As followers of Christ, we should not be motivated by selfishness. We're called to lay down our lives for others.
Let's pray for more grace to love people with the same love that Jesus has showered us with.


Yang said...

Amen, Keith


Erin said...

So true. It's refreshing to hear this!!

Troy said...

Thanks, Keith, for posting this. I see a lot of Christians getting frustrated because they've not been equipped to go out. They sit in theology class on Sunday but they're not being told - or not paying attention to the message - that THEY are the ones to take the message to their neighbors, to love their neighbors. Too many churches have blurred the line of what it means to be saved and have stopped equipping the saints to go out and perform "good deeds." It's on us to proclaim Christ. Thanks for being there.

Unknown said...

This couldn't be truer. We all have to leave out comfort zone. It is selfish to want Christian values for our own gain.

Unknown said...

Hi Keith, just found your blog. It's a sad truth that you have many Christians live in fear, trying desperately to preserve their comfortable, clean existence. The Church is carrying a ton of passengers, happy to keep to themselves the grace they have been freely given! JvM