Saturday, May 21, 2011


I am so overwhelmed with books right now.

Sitting by my bedside is a small avalanche of books I need to read:

Conversational Evangelism by Norman and David Geisler
Revise Us Again by Frank Viola
Letters to the House Church Movement by Rad Zdero
Journeys to Significance by Neil Cole
The Untold Story of the New Testament by Frank Viola
Zero History by William Gibson
The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life by Hannah Whitehall Smith
Second Variety by Philip K. Dick
War: Four Christian Views edited by Robert G. Clouse


When will find the time to read all of these?



Anonymous said...

Audiobooks: Read while doing other stuff :)

Traeshawn said...

I have the same problem. I'm taking time out this week to turn off the TV and just read.

Jon Philpott said...

Rev 10:10 - eat them.

Steve Ruppert said...

The same way you would eat an elephant, one bite at a time.. And chew on it slowly.

Steve Ruppert said...

Like you would eat an elephant, one bite at a time and chew it well.