Friday, October 09, 2009


I see a lot of chatter on the internet today about Obama winning the Nobel Prize for Peace. Most of my friends are upset at the decision, and perhaps they have a point regarding our President's meager list of accomplishments in the area of peace making.

Should Obama have won the Nobel Prize for Peace? No, the Christian Church should have, and this is what should concern us more. Rather than list our President's lack of accomplishment in the area of peace, why don't we look at ourselves and ask why we, the ambassadors of the Prince of Peace, are not known for our peacemaking? Why aren't we upset at our own failure to advocate peace in our world?

Is the Christian Church largely known for her strong support of peaceful non-violence? Or is she mostly seen standing on the side of those who wave the flag and support the torture of prisoners and defend war as a means to resolution of conflict?

What we should be most ashamed of is our own failure to embrace the message of peace. What we should be most outraged about is our failure to be ministers of reconciliation.

Perhaps Obama hasn't done enough to deserve recogition for bringing peace to this planet, but the Christian Church has done far less, and she has had much more opportunity and time to make a difference.



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well your argument ment is true in a way its in a way shame on the church, we are not actully NOT doingh what we should be the whole theology of 'Relationship' that God did establish and longs to establish is sort of neglected by the church even its kept aside
we need people like you to wake us up
so Obama may or may not deserve i dont care but what matter is its a gentle reminder rather strong reminder.
a brother
from India