Tuesday, September 08, 2009


My friend Bob Moffat has kindly uploaded a handful of my sermons online for your edification and spiritual encouragement.

There are currently 12 sermons on various topics

1 Conversatio Morem 44:20
2 Finding the Cross 40:55
3 The Fullness of His Love 33:03
4 Get in the Game 38:04
5 The Gospel: For here or to Go? 32:40
6 House Church: How it works 50:29
7 Hunger and Thirst 30:51
8 Missional Life 41:59
9 My Spiritual Journey 51:42
10 The Church Jesus Built 33:31
11 The Gospel of the Kingdom 40:12
12 Worship and Justice 34:08

*Two sermons are pending:

13 Love One Another
14 Love Your Enemies

I hope these encourage and edify you in your walk with Christ.

NOTE: To avoid confusion let me explain in advance that most of these sermons are several years old. So when you hear them introduce me as a pastor on staff, please understand that I am no longer an on-staff, paid pastor at any church, including my own.



Anonymous said...

Brother -- em -- you do know you should be selling these CD's for at least 6 bucks a pop? Some church planter you are.

*** sorry for the sarcasm ***

Thanks for putting these up. Will be great to listen to during the week.

Keith Giles said...

Glad you think I could squeeze six bucks out of people for these things.

Besides, the kind of church-planting I'm doing costs zero so I can't justify selling them to pay for planting anything other than daisies.

Hope you find some of these that encourage you in your walk with Christ.