Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My dear friend Lolita is a gift from God. She has a rapport with Jesus that I envy.

This week she sent me an email that I wanted to share with all of you.

Trust me, I know this woman very well. This is not a fake. This is as real as it gets.

Hi you all,

Our dear Lord was glorious in His love and care to rescue a family in need yesterday and I want to share this with you for a few reasons. First, so that you will keep this family and us in prayer in what else He would like to do in His bringing us together, if anything. Second, to thank you all for keeping Freedom Ministries in prayer and to bring you a praise report of : He is answering your prayers!! Third, this story is an absolute lovely testimony of His Love, Intimate Care, and of His Divine Provision on earth.

Yesterday morning, I was in Wildomar visiting with friends and was so blessed as we spent time together over lunch after church. As I was leaving I made the decision to drop an item off to a friend in Corona which would require me to take the 15 Freeway. As I embarked the freeway ramp, the Lord prompted me to not go this way and instead to go to the next freeway down the road which is the 215 Freeway. I knew we (He and I) were going on a mission, that He wanted to touch someone. So, I continued down the road to the 215 Freeway.

As I was driving down the highway coming around a bend the Lord illuminated a car on the side of the road with the hood up. And He said, “Yes, this is who I want to touch.” I was unable to stop because of the bend and the speed of the freeway traffic and as I drove by them I saw a young woman holding a very young child in her arms next to the car…… It was close to 100 degrees, there was no shade, and as I saw this woman’s distress I heard the Lord say, “I want to rescue them.” So, I went up to the next off ramp a few miles down the road and exited to turn around on the freeway to their location. As this took time because the off ramps were several miles down the road on both sides of the freeway our dear Lord began to reveal His passion for this family and His desire for them to know His Intimacy, His Gentle Touch, and His Intimate Provision.

When I arrived I introduced myself and I asked the man if they would like to sit in my air-conditioned car until the towing company arrived. He went over to his wife. They talked a bit and he came back stating that they would very much like to do this, that they were very concerned for their little girl in the heat. She is one and half years old.

The mom and I got to know each other a bit as her husband was outside on the phone. He finally joined us in the car as they realized that they had given Triple A the wrong freeway location. We waited for about an hour before Triple A arrived which allowed us to get to know one another which I will share a bit about their lives so you can pray for them. And our Lord touched my car as we sat there with the engine running for the entire hour with the air-conditioning blowing full blast. My car temperature never rose above normal!

Additionally, our Lord asked me the night before to fill my gas tank to full capacity. I would have run out of gas out there if He had not filled the tank the night before! Isn’t He amazing, in His orchestrating each detail necessary to accomplish His purposes for His Provision in His Love and Care. He is so amazing and faithful!

During our conversation, the Lord asked me to share with them how I began to get on the 15 Freeway when He asked me to redirect to the 215 Freeway and He began to give me words for their hearts. He wanted them to know that He had heard their distress and cries for help and that He saw them and their need and He wanted to bring His Help. That He heard her, saw her, and heard her concern for her child’s distress and He was moved by His compassion for her and was adamant to bring His rescue. She began to weep in our Lord’s touching her heart deeply. She was very moved by Him and by His Touch as He was revealing His Intimate Heart for her through His words.

When the tow truck driver came we went out to meet him and it was discovered that the closest service dealership that could handle the car repair needed would be about 40 miles away and they only had basic towing coverage for seven miles. I had Triple A Plus (I thought, anyway) and stated that they could use my card.

The tow truck driver, Jason, was very touched by this and touched by Mike's account of the shelter a complete stranger gave them in an air-conditioned car. Jason just kept shaking his head in what he saw happening for this stranded family. I said to Jason that we are brother and sisters in the Lord. Jason was so overwhelmed by this, continuing to shake his head. The Lord was all over him and the Lord revealed His heart that His intention was to touch this man’s heart too this day.

Jason called his supervisor telling him this story and the supervisor was moved to authorize the use of my card to tow the extra distance which is normally denied. This couple and their little one rode with me as we followed Jason to a convenience store so Jason could get a cold drink because of the heat and as we were waiting for him he received a call that my Triple A account no longer had the plus coverage. I stated that Freedom Ministries (Lo's ministry) would pay for the towing fees as I knew that Mike and Kristy were in financial distress due to his being laid off and her hours being cut back at a private home schooling company. They are both teachers.

Jason was so taken back by this when I handed him the ministry bank card, shaking his head in amazement, saying this is unbelievable. I said this is Jesus taking care of God’s children. And then I said you must be Christian. He said he was not Christian, and I heard the Lord say to my heart that He loves him. So, I said to Jason, really the Lord is all over you and you seem to know who He is. Jason’s eyes grew large in awe of what he just heard and he looked at me and the Lord said to tell him He loved him, which I told Jason, the Lord loves you.

Jason shook his head saying that he had been saved a few years ago and guesses he was a Christian but he had fallen away into sin and that he did not want to be a hypocrite and say he was a Christian when he was not following Jesus. The Lord said to tell him again that He loved him and Jason bowed his head and began to weep shaking his head. Then he turned around to get in the tow truck.

As we followed Jason to the service dealership we (me and the family) continued to get to know each other. As Jason was unloading their car and Mike was in the dealership taking care of business the Lord told me that He wanted to touch Jason in prayer. During the prayer time our Lord touched this man’s heart in His mercy, grace, encouragement in how our Lord saw Jason’s heart in His love of him and in His invitation for Jason to receive His love and care.

I then drove Mike and Kristy to their home and we continued to get to know one another. Mike was laid off last year. Kristy hours were cut back and they are struggling financially. They say they are Christian but the Lord revealed to my heart that He desires to reveal more of His Intimacy to their hearts and that He desires for them to know more of His Love, very personal. Please pray for this. They occasionally attend a Christian church in Redlands. I understand in our conversation that this is probably the extent of their relationship/fellowship with our Lord.

Please pray for what the Lord desires to do next with us. We live 15 minutes down the freeway from each other, they are very close geographically! Isn’t this amazing, we meet as complete strangers on the freeway forty minutes away from our homes and we come to find out that we live 15 minutes away from each other, is that the Lord or what?!!

Kristy gave me her business card and I told her that I would be in touch Tuesday to find out what the repairs were going to cost and our ministry would help financially in any way we could. I also extended the invitation for help for anything else they might need and extended an invitation to get together if they would like to hang out a bit more.

She also asked if I knew of any home schooling families which needed support with their curriculum to please let them know about her expertise and her company. I said that I would put the word out that she is looking for more contracts as an education specialist. So, if any of you know any families that need this kind of support, please contact me and I will get you her contact information.

Both their biological families moved out of state over the last couple of years so they have no family in this area and from the conversation I gathered they do not have much friendship in this area either as they moved out to Yucaipa a couple of years ago.

Please pray for Jason (tow truck driver) too. I believe our Lord desires for me to contact him in a few weeks to see how he is doing.

Thanks for praying. And thank you Lord, for your precious love and never ending faithfulness!

Love, Lo


Mary said...

Beautiful! I hope to listen to God and be obedient to His direction. Right now I am more hit and miss than listening steadfastly.

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