Thursday, April 02, 2009


I wanted to publicly thank God for healing me. Last Saturday my wife Wendy rushed me to the Emergency Room at 3:30am. I was breaking out in cold sweats and nearly lost consciousness before we could leave the house.

After an ultra-sound the Doctor released me and said that I would either get worse (and then need emergency surgery) or it would get better on its own and I would be fine.

My biggest concern was having to take a business trip to Orlando for four days. What if my problem flared up while I was halfway across the country?

I asked our house church to pray for me the next day. They laid hands on my wife and I and prayed for healing and for God to increase His favor over our home. I was reminded that God had already opened so many doors for this trip to be a blessing to me and I was suspicious that the Enemy was trying to fill me with fear before I even left.

The next day I felt better. On the morning I left to fly out to Orlando I was feeling ok. The next day, and today, I have felt back to my old self again.

I wanted to praise God for healing me and for removing my pain and for allowing me to take this trip. After stepping away from Facebook and Twitter and laying down my weekly e-newsletter and even fasting from this blog I felt that God really wanted me to seek His face. This is part of what I believe the Enemy wanted to prevent.

If you get a chance, please continue to pray that I would be healthy and that I would have time to really listen to God's voice during this sabbatical time.

Thanks for your prayers.


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Like a Mustard Seed said...

We'll be praying for you Keith...

blessings... D & H