Tuesday, May 06, 2008


A friend asked me recently how to make a disciple. The funny thing is, the guy who asked me is already doing it, he just wasn't sure if there was more he had to do or if he was doing it the "right way".

His question made me realize that I've never really sat down to write any sort of instructional articles on "How To Make Disciples" and maybe I need to do that?

Someone recently suggested to me that my articles here, and on my [Subversive Underground] newsletters, were helping to make disciples of hundreds of people whom I might never meet. In some ways I think that might be true, in the sense that I am helping people to know how to follow Jesus and encouraging them to take the concept of discipleship seriously, but there is a relational element to real discipleship that is missing online or in print. I would hope that no one ever settles for virtual discipleship over the real, face-to-face variety.

More later on the "How to.."


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