Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Compare & Contrast: Jesus and His Church

What was Jesus like?
*Comfortable around sinners (drunks, prostitutes, tax collectors, etc.)
*Concerned for the poor, the sick, the outcast
*An advocate for peace
*Radically Inclusive
*Interested in the lives of others
*Introduced a spiritual solution to society's problems

What is the Christian Church like?
*Intolerant of those who are not like themselves.
*Uncomfortable around drunks, prostitutes, sinners, etc.
*Concerned their own personal success
*Not very concerned with the poor, the sick, or the outcast
*Obsessed with a political solution to society's problems
*Defined more by what they hate/dislike

Does anyone else see the problem here? This is why Christianity in America is toxic to most people. This is why I cannot bring myself to indetify myself as a "Christian" to the average person outside the Church. They hear that term and they equate me with the big-haired, money-hungry, gay-bashing, waiting-for-the-rapture brand of Believer. That is not the Jesus I follow.

My next book title: "Stop Being a Christian. Start Following Jesus"



TheDHCosbyFam said...

Keith, you hit the nail on the head! Amen! Can't wait to read your next book. In HIM, Heather

TheDHCosbyFam said...

One more thing, I can totally relate with regards to not identifying yourself or your faith rather in a term such as "christian" ultimately when I say that, people assume that I think I'm perfect, that I am a bigot, that I'm not a sinner like them, and/or George Bush or like the people who speak on Family life today. Instead, I've (we've) been inclined to say that we are followers of Jesus, and am quick to share what I was prior to coming to know Him & how He transformed me from this to that. Anyway, I meant to say I was encouraged you spoke plainly the truth, it is very sad, but I've experienced just that first hand. Not just in (1) church, but from family "christians" and from several different churches. The second I start talking about my sin, the subject either gets changed or the room goes quiet...

Appreciated this today.

Love in Christ, Heather

Mark said...

Great line of thinking. I feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

This is why also Christianity is so toxic to your average everyday unbeliever on the street in the UK!

Thanks for this post. I needed this encouragement today.

I see the problem.

Millions of average everyday folk will never darken the doors of a 'church' because before they step into it they instinctively know they were not born and brought up in the 'system' and so will never be able to fit in and really be accepted or valued there!
I'm sure there are exceptions to this rule and I believe in the church as a community of believers living closely together commited to one another in self sacrificial love. But it sure ain't that way in the churches I've been connected with in the past 20 years since finding Christ from a non-christian background.

I didn't know how to play the 'church' game then and still don't.

In Him