Monday, May 05, 2008


I'm not sure if everyone has had a chance to download and listen to Todd Hunter's recent talk concerning his new book and his idea to help American Christians re-imagine what it means to follow Jesus.

Hopefully everyone can take the time this week to listen to Todd's message, which is online now at ITunes under [SUBVERSIVE UNDERGROUND] podcasts for free.

In this talk, Todd provides some practical handles for each of us to make living out our faith, and our personal mission, more "do-able" and feasible.

His idea to form "Three Is Enough" groups with those you're already in relationship with each week, (at work, at school, etc.) is a very practical way for us to intentionally live out our calling to be Ambassadors of Christ, or "Missionaries" to our culture and community.

I would encourage you, whether or not you decide to start a "Three Is Enough" group at your work, or in your community, to listen to Todd's message this week and to seriously pray about what you can do to make living as a Missionary in your world more concrete.

One thing that Todd shares in this message that really impacted me was the idea of being "Creative Friends of Jesus for the good of others". The part about being intentionally focused daily upon the good of others around us was quite inspiring to me. It really helped me to get an idea for how to model the character of Jesus to people at my work and in our neighborhood.

Jesus was able to interact with people who normally felt unloved and unwanted. He always conveyed to people around him that he was "for their good" and they could sense this was true. It made me examine my own daily attitudes and behaviors to see if people around me felt that I was ultimately "for their good" or not. Sadly, I'd have to admit that my daily interactions with others mainly communicate that I am for my own good, and rarely the good of others.

Still, the solution is very simple. Even slight corrections to my everyday interactions with others can reveal numerous opportunities to give up my chair in a crowded meeting, grab an extra cup of coffee for a co-worker, deliver documents off the printer to the people who printed them, etc.

It's not brain surgery, it's kindness. And it's not just kindness for the sake of kindness, or even for the purpose of softening people up for the Gospel, it's modelling the attitude of Jesus who was constantly asking others, "What would you have me do for you?"

Do we believe that the greatest in the Kingdom is the servant of all? Do we believe that when we wash the feet of others we are engaging in the ministry of Jesus? Do we accept the idea that we are called to treat others as if they are better than ourselves?

As we've said before, all of this is impossible to do on a consistent basis without the power of the Holy Spirit. For us to do this it must be something we accomplish with God's help. He is the One who can coach us in this new direction where the good of others is our main concern.

I can't wait to walk this out...and to hear from all of you about what God is showing you as you walk this out too!


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