Monday, February 04, 2008


Even though this conference in still more than a month away, we've only got 21 seats left as of today (2/04/08) at 2:22pm.

I'm very excited about this conference and can't wait to see what God has in store for all of us.

We'll be joined by Jackie Pullinger, David Ruis along with Cindy Reithmeier and John Thomas leading worship. I'll be leading one of the three main dialog sessions, and our workshop leaders include Spencer Burke, Paul Martin, Crissy Brooks, Scott Laumann and Marti Clark.

This will be an exciting day to explore God's heart for others, learning to "be" the Church, living missionally and discovering the Kingdom of God together.

If you haven't registered you need to hurry up before all 100 seats are taken.

More info and online registration here:

If you're curious...
WA 2
CA 65
CT 3
TX 4
AZ 1
OK 1
NY 1

GUYS- 36 /GALS- 43

Even if you can't attend, please pray for this special day together in March.

I'll provide a complete de-brief here and over at the Non-Con site the week after it's over. MP3's and Podcasts might be available of most sessions, if everything goes as planned. I'll have to see about hosting those and making them available to everyone.

More later...

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paul Flotho said...

Hey keith
The subject of poverty is big and complicated but I will make just one observation. After spending living for 4 years in mexico city and spending most of my time among the poor and traveling extensively in many other nations (all 3rd. world) I am still a conservative (actually libertarian) because I want to do my own giving to the poor and not trust my government to do it for me. Why? Very simple:
1. It cost them about $1.50 to put $1.00 into any poverty program.
2. Much of what they give winds up in the pockets of dishonest politicians. (excuse my redundancy)
3. most of the programs simply dont work.
the reasons you hinted at-- the main one demonization from idolatry.

There is much more that can be said about this but primairly --
lets keep the government out of places like Haiti or any other place where they have gone and created messes around the globe.


paul flotho
vallejo ca