Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Episode 17: "Warning Signs of Unhealthy Church" - Dan Notti and Keith Giles


What are the warning signs of an abusive or unhealthy church?

How do you know when to run - not walk - to the nearest exit?
How can you make sure that your house church doesn't become unhealthy or abusive?
What is it that makes a church safe for everyone to be who they really are?
All this and more in Episode 17 of the Video Skype Podcast series with Dan and Keith.


Anonymous said...

I think I've given up trying to listen anymore. Too many technical difficulties. Too hard to listen to only half the conversation. Also, a little frustrating that the conversation so often strays from the topic title. It would be less frustrating if you just didn't title it. Like this one started out focused upon abusive church patterns but evolved into "we should be transparent and real with one another."

Christina said...

It is difficult to hear Dan after the call was lost, but these conversations are still worth listening to. The experience and insight into the organic church and the daily walking with Christ are worth it. Not to mention that this could be a chance to practice patience and perseverance. :) I really enjoy the flow of the direction of the conversations as it makes it feel more natural than a practiced or professionally produced segment would. This is about being real: Real life, real struggles, real friendship. Dan and Keith, what I love about these are that your heart for Jesus shines clearly through. You may not have all the answers, but I've found the questions and the struggle to be more interesting. Thanks for the preparation that both of you put into this!

Unknown said...

Is there any way to get Keith's volume turned down by at least half. When I have the volume set to comfortably listen to Dan, then Keith comes blaring over and I have to cut the volume in half and sometimes lower.