Wednesday, November 09, 2011

45 Years Ago Today

Yes, 45 years ago today, the fabric of space and time pulled back to reveal this fragile and yet strangely troubled soul.

It was a day of wonder and tears.

Cigarettes were burned. Laughter echoed down the hallway. A mother's heart slid into gear.

The angel's sighed, and one of them farted, but no one knew which one it was so they pretended not to hear.

It was a day of love so great it hurt to breathe.

Glad to be here, my friends.

Hope to be here a bit longer before I join the flatulent angels.




Eli said...

congrats! glad you made it this far.

Valerie McGowan said...

Happy Birthday Keith!

tovah said...

I've only just recently found your site but after reading your uh... POEM, I think this to be a place just strange enough for me to hang out. :) Happy Birthday!