Sunday, November 15, 2009


Seven years ago the manager of the Studio Inn told me they wanted nothing to do with Jesus or anything religious. "You're wasting your time trying to bring that here," he said, and then he sent me away.

I went home and got on my knees and began to pray for God to change his heart, or take him out of the way.

The next time I met with this manager he agreed to everything and welcomed us to his motel.

For the first 4 years we brought a bounce house and played games with the many children who lived in this motel with their parents. We prayed with people who were out of luck, needing hope, and desperate for answers.

One day I met with someone from Saddleback church. He was in charge of their home group ministries and wanted to come and begin serving breakfast to the residents every other Sunday. I brokered a meeting with the same manager. Everything went fine and soon these Sunday breakfast services turned into church services.

Just about a month ago this twice a month breakfast service became an every Sunday worship gathering where the name of Jesus is lifted up in song, the Gospel of Jesus is preached loudly from the back parking lot, and people receive hope, and felowship, and love.

Today, after being told not to waste my time on this place, I am teaching these dear ones about the Gospel of the Kingdom and more about The King Himself.

At 10am today, in the back parking lot of the California Studio Inn, I will preach to the Church that God Himself has planted. I will remind them of how much He loves them. I will declare His Glory to His people. We will celebrate the miracle that only God Himself could bring forth with the help of a mega-church ministry and a small house church working arm in arm.

Rejoice with me. Celebrate the miraculous birth of His Church in this place.

The Kingdom of God is at hand. The King is alive. Nothing will stand against His Church, or His Gospel.


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God is truly amazing